Check out the Club’s wine making resources so that your wines from this harvest are the best yet!

July 29 – Fruit Wine Making Class. Learn to make wine from fruits other than grapes. Judy Pinegar offers to share her techniques in her air-conditioned barn in Loomis. Space is limited. Members only.

August 3 and 5 – Winemaking 101. This beginners wine making workshop is designed for aspiring and newer winemakers plus anyone else who would like to refresh their wine making skills. Open to all: non-members, members and repeaters.

August 12 – Vinmetrica 300 pH/TA Wine Analyzer Workshop. Bring your model 300 and get the most from your sophisticated Vinmetrica plus learn how to keep the electrode in top shape. Also watch an ebulliometer in action. Workshop is in Sacramento. Members only.

Port Grapes Group Buy – Thad Rodgers is organizing a group buy of 5 Portuguese grape varieties often used to make port-style wines. Members only.

Club Equipment Rental Program – the Club’s Equipment Rental Program web page has been updated and we have for rent: crushers; basket presses (medium and medium-large); scales; plate filter; corkers; and a 3-bottle filler. Okay, so you really don’t “rent” the equipment, instead you put down a refundable deposit – cash or check only. After you make your equipment reservation, Equipment Coordinator Byron Froman will contact you. Members only.

Grapes for Sale – how do you find Grapes for Sale on the Club’s website? There’s a couple of easy routes that you can take:

  1. At the Home page, on the Main Menu, hover over “Blog” and a drop down menu appears. Click on “Grapes Sell / Buy” and hit enter. Blog posts with grapes for sale will appear on multiple pages in reverse chronological order. Or
  2. At the Home page, on the Main Menu, click on “Blog”. You’ll land on the Blog page with the most recent blog posts showing in reverse chronological order. Find the Search box on the right side of the page, and type in “Grapes for Sale” and hit enter. Blog posts with grapes for sale will appear on multiple pages in reverse chronological order.
  3. With either method, you can further filter your search. While anywhere in the “Blog”, type in the Search box the varietal or location that you are looking for, hit enter, and blog posts with the word that you typed in will appear.

Wine Analysis – SHW offers wine analyses of your wines for pH, TA, pH+TA, free SO2, malic acid to show completion of MLF, and alcohol by volume (abv). Members only.

Club Mentors – seasoned Club wine makers and vineyard owners can help you through the fuzzy parts. Mentors can guide new winemakers and also specialize in reds, whites, roses, ports, and vineyard management. Contact a mentor or two when you would like experienced winemaker / viticulturist help in your decisions. Members only.

IWine Making Photos – show us how much fun you’re having! Email or text your .jpg harvest photos to Gin at or 916 217-0294 and we’ll post them on the Club’s website Home page or SHW’s fb page.