Winemakers Garage Sale – Glass, Closures, Capsules

Contact Colleen Sullivan, Production Manager at Revolution Wines:  916 548-8211.

Revolution Wines is making room in their cellar for the upcoming harvest and is selling small lots of bottles, closures and capsules for at a “garage” sale for SHW members on

August 12, Friday, from 6pm – 7:30 pm  at Revolution Wines –  2831 S Street, Sacramento 95816

GLASS: $10/case —  $9/case if whole lot of individual glass is purchased.  Pics of bottles here:  Revolution Glass Pics 08 06 16.  Please note:  some bottles for sale use screwcap closures instead of cork.

1) glass 3063, bordeaux, flint, screwcap, ~40 cases available

2) glass STR, burgundy, cork, 13 cases available

3) glass 8265, burgundy, cork, 28 cases available

4) glass 750-14LK, bordeaux, screwcap, 14 cases available

5) glass 2588, bordeaux, cork, 14 cases available

6) glass 2106 bordeaux, flint, cork, 18 cases available

7) glass 7255, bordeaux, screwcap, assortment of colors, ~56 cases available

8) glass no#, bordeaux, flint, cork, 8 cases available


CAPSULES: $50/full box — price will vary if purchasing less than that

1) black screwcaps (rev logo on top), ~1500 available

2) gold capsules, ~4500 available

3) silver capsules, ~750 available

4) matte black screwcaps, small bag available

5) mix of assorted colors (cream, orange, etc) capsules, one small box available

6) black capsules, ~3000 available

7) gold screwcaps, two full boxes available


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