WineMaker Magazine Renewal Notices

Contact Gin at or 916 217-0294.

Most SHW members are currently receiving a subscription to WineMaker magazine via Club membership and these members are also receiving repeated subscription renewal notices.  If you renewed your SHW membership by March 1 of this year, your subscription will automatically renew; please ignore the renewal notices.  If you didn’t renew your membership by March 1 of this year, your subscription ends with the April/May issue.

On a technical note, while SHW membership is for the year (January-December), the magazine subscription for the membership starts with the June/July issue and concludes with the April/May issue of the following year.

If you joined SHW by March 1 of this year, your magazine subscription starts with the June/July issue.

If you’re confused about your membership, please contact Membership Co-Chair Gin Yang.


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