WineMaker Magazine Convention – Members Wine Donations Requested

Contact VP Sonia Baron at and 916 825-4952.  Contact Membership CoChair Fred Millar at and 916 576-9596.

The 2013 WineMaker Magazine Conference will be in Monterey, California on May 17-18.  It is at this conference where winners in the magazine’s International Amateur Wine Competition will be announced.  Last year, SHW won “Wine Club of the Year” and we hope to defend that title in this year’s contest!

On that Friday night, home wine clubs are invited to pour members wines.  SHW has participated in this tasting event for several years and we ask members to donate one to 2 bottles of wines representative of SHW quality.   Please bring your wines to the May 15 meeting clearly marked with varietal/blend and your name.  Both Sonia Baron and Fred Millar will be collecting the donated bottles to take to the conference where they’ll also be pouring.  Thank your for you generosity!


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