Tri Mark Kitchen Supply – 30% SHW Discount

In case you haven’t discovered them, Tri Mark Commercial Kitchen Supply in Sacramento offers 30% off of purchases for Sacramento Home Winemakers (thank you SHW member Tiffany Van Dyke for bringing this to our attention!).

So, you ask, why would I shop at a restaurant supply warehouse for winemaking items?  Consider food-grade fermenters of various capacities, or super-sized mashed potato smashers used as punch down tools, or food-safe funnels, sieves, long-handled stainless steel server-sized spoons for stirring your port (stir for at least 15 minutes after adding the fortifier), and other kitchen-restaurant items you might creatively use in your winemaking.

Tri Mark is a toy land for cooks whether your creations are created inside the house or torched on the barbie.  This may be the time to take inventory not only in your winery but your kitchen, too.

30% off purchases.

Tell them you’re a member of Sacramento Home Winemakers and give them the secret code:  916 217-0294.  This also happens to be Gin Yang’s cell number … she has no recollection how her cell number became the secret code …

TriMark Economy Commercial Kitchen Supply

415 Richards Blvd.

Sacramento, CA 95811

Wonder if we could convince TriMark to stock destemmer-crushers and bladder presses…

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