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Grapes for Sale – Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc – Napa Valley AVA

Please contact Sylvia Valdez at 707 933 1448 or by email (inthefields@vom.com) for more information.

Selling premium Napa Valley AVA Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc from our small vineyard in the town of Sonoma. (We are technically in Napa County).  We are happy to sell 200 pound minimum of each varietal and up to 2,000 pounds of the CS and 1,000 pounds of the CF.

The CS is $1.75/lb and the CF is $1.25  (you harvest).  We are anticipating harvest mid to late September.  It’s been a perfect growing season.  These grapes are going to make first class wine!

Thank you

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Grapes for Sale – Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon – Granite Bay

If you are interested, please contact Xiaowen Jiang at (530)219-1649 or xjmouse1@yahoo.com
 This year, we have approximately 3 to 4 tons of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes and 3 to 4 tons of Merlot grapes for sale. The vines are 10 years old, properly pruned, thinned and well managed. In the past several years, these grapes have produced high-quality wines through several wine-makers including those in the Sacramento Home Winemakers. In previous years, these grapes have yielded wines that have been awarded silver metals in the Sacramento Wine Competition.
No minimum tonnage required. All quantities are self-pick. De-stemmer and crusher are provided at site
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In search of… People Interested in a Petite Sirah Focus Group

Bob and Sue Summersett will be organizing a Petite Sirah focus group using Bogle grapes. We are excited and will be looking for other participants at next week’s regular club meeting. Sue told Warren Bogle that we will want 1/2-1 ton of grapes.

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Unusual Wine Bottles for Sale – Lodi

Contact John Cotta at johncotta@earthlink.net or 209-712-2559

The botttles are 1.75 liter liquor bottles with a handle. They are clear and caps are included. They are packed in 6 packs and we would like to get 10.00 dollars per case and can adjust prices to quantities ordered. They are located in Lodi.

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Sacramento Home Winemakers turns 40!!!

In anticipation of our 40th Anniversary Party in April (the first meeting of the club was in April 1977), we are looking for all former (or current) members who were around in the first 20 years. We would like to see as many of you as possible at the Party!

We are also looking for pictures from those early days to make a slide show to 70-80’s music. If you have pictures please email, or we will scan hard copies for you and return the pictures, contact Carol Clark at 916-417-1522, PO Box 1327, Elverta, CA 95626 or cclark914@hotmail.com.

More information will be coming later.  The committee for the party consists of: Judy Pinegar, Fred Millar, Sonia Baron, Carole Clark, Holly Heggli and Gary Young. If you have ideas for the party, please share with one of these people! We will meet again February 1st, if you want to join the committee, let us know.


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Grapes for Sale – Syrah (Newcastle)

Contact Mike Abbott at mike@ophirwines.com. Call 916.409.9125, or call/text 916.847.3315.   Foothill Syrah Ready Soon!!

Offering excellent Syrah to home winemakers (Tablas Creek and UCD clones 1,6,7). Harvest approximately Sept. 3 through 10th.  U-pick $.50 per pound.  May pick and deliver TBA with buyer. Grapes from 15 year old Gold Blossom Vineyard in Newcastle.

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In Search Of – Donations for Holiday Silent Auction

Hey SHW Members

For our Holiday Dinner this year we will be having a silent auction, not a raffle as our major fundraiser. So do you have something you can donate to benefit the club?

A case of wine, some grape futures, a dinner served by you and your friends, a night or two in your mountain cabin, a trip somewhere, a dinner in your favorite restaurant, a stay at your timeshare in Hawaii, maybe even some winemaking equipment?

If so please write to me at judypinegar@gmail.com (note I am moving away from the @calwisp.com e-mail address I used to use).

In your e-mail, please describe the item (trip, etc) in glowing terms, and approximately what it is worth. If you have a picture sent that along too. I will transcribe the information onto beautiful certificates, which can be bid on by members and guests at the Holiday Party!

Judy Pinegar                                                                                                                                 SHW Webmaster, Competition Coordinator, and General Cheerleader

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Participiants for Group Purchase – Merlot (Clarksburg)

Please contact Jed McLaughlin if interested. 916-254-4381 or jedmclaughlin@yahoo.com.

Looking for participants for group purchase of Merlot grapes from Bogle Winery in Clarksburg. Approx. $.60/lb pre-picked in macrobins. Warren Bogle indicated he will provide Bogle’s best quality merlot grapes for club members.

James McLaughlin [jedmclaughlin@yahoo.com]

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Pinot Noir Grapes for Sale (Placerville, Ca)

Call Sherril at 530 644 3058, or e-mail bsjodar@gmail.com

Pleasant Valley Vineyards

Sierra Foot Hills, El Dorado Apellation, Placerville, Ca , 2,800 ft elevation

1/2 to 1 ton of Pinot Noir Grapes

$.75 per pound

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