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September 19, 2012 SHW Meeting – The Impact of Oak on Wine

You hear that oak imparts flavors in your wines and that your wine benefits from barrel ageing but what does the oak really do to your wine and what truly are the benefits? How do you get oak into your wine if you don’t use barrels?

At the Club’s September 19 meeting, Dr. Jeff McCord, Director of Research at StaVin will lead a discussion on the impact of oak – applications, oak products, the evolution of oak, and how oak can even assist in malo‐lactic conversion.  StaVin is a worldwide leading supplier of premium oak products for both commercial and home winemaking uses. http://www.stavin.com.

Please bring a bottle of wine to share and a wine glass for your use.  Thanks to all for helping set up before the meeting.  We are to vacate the meeting room by 9:30 PM and your help in facilitating the clean‐up is appreciated.

‐‐ Bill Staehlin, Vice President

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