Small Urban Home Vineyard Looking for Vineyard Manager

Contact Brad Sanborn 916 425-4950.

SHW Member  Brad Sanborn helped the owner of a small urban vineyard manage and harvest her zinfandel vineyard in 2014.  Brad is not able to manage the vineyard this year and is helping the owner find someone who would be willing to do so.  Please contact Brad if you are interested.  The vineyard can yield up to 75 gallons of wine.

The original request for help came from the owner last year:

“I have a small vineyard located in Sierra Oaks Vista. 2800 Northrop. There are 70 zinfandel vines that are approximately 8 years old. The previous people who have made wine from these vines have had to retire, so I am looking for someone to come in and take over. I am not charging money. I would expect the vines to be cared for and also I would like to receive at least two cases of wine at the appropriate time. Of course since we live nearby, we would be available to help.

I hope someone can take advantage of this lovely vineyard. It is gorgeous and a wonderful place to work.”

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