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So fun to see you at last Wednesday’s Club meeting! The evening’s guest speaker Scott Harvey brought 30 copies of his Austrian Wines presentation but 106 of us showed up. Scott’s generously shared his presentation and you can find it near the bottom of this page.

Right above Scott’s Austrian Wines presentation is Scott’s Toolbox.  This Excel workbook is filled with lots of formulas to help make adjustments in must, juice, and wine.

At the top of the same page are Club mentors with their contact info.  Mentors can help guide you when you’re not sure about what’s going on in the lab, cellar, or vineyard.  These experienced winemakers and vineyard owners can help answer your wine and vine concerns.

To help your bottling sessions go faster, the Club has acquired a floor model corker thanks to a donation from members Barbara Bentley and Rex Johnston. The corker, along with the Club’s destemmer-crusher and basket presses can be rented by SHW members for a nominal fee.

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