Question: Must Temperature When Adding Tartaric Acid

A viewer has asked a question:

At what temperature should the pre-fermented MUST be prior to adding the tartaric acid?

For SHW member Don Koehler’s response to question, please reference the bottom SHW web site’s Table for Addition of Tartaric Acid page.  


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One Response to Question: Must Temperature When Adding Tartaric Acid

  1. David Hicks, Ancient Lake Vineyards says:

    Been making wine for 13 years and the temp question regarding Tartaric acid additions has never come up. Getting the acid balanced added and doing it at crush is best. Winemakers can find that getting balanced at crush often changes after primary and can change again in reds after secondary which “may” require additional small Tartaric acid additions to balance taste. Yeast additions and must temps are a different story.

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