New Winemakers Finishing Workshop

SHW member J.D. Phelps offers a finishing workshop for new winemakers.  Invited are participants from last year’s New Winemakers Group who made wine from J.D.’s zinfandel and other beginning winemakers who want to learn about finishing their wines before bottling.  J.D. writes:

“Your wines should be waking from their winter naps about now. Temps will start rising during the day and you may see some renewed activity from your wine from either incomplete ML or primary fermentations. Hopefully you have been tasting your wines along the way! Most of you should have a well balanced wine from the numbers standpoint; pH and TA. So, what’s next? What should you do before putting it in a bottle and serving it to friends and family? Or, how can you turn a bronze medal wine into a gold?

Now is the time to start thinking about finishing your wines. This is all about rounding out the wine, ensuring its balance before you put it in bottle. This is where we can address things like tartness or flatness in your wine, too much or too little oak, improving mouthfeel, color and stability, and of course treating any odd things that may have impacted the taste or bouquet of your wine.

For me personally, learning to finish a wine is where I feel I truly became a winemaker. Or at least realized what ingredients and equipment I had available in the kitchen.

I am offering to host a finishing workshop for last year’s New Winemakers (and any newbies since then who may wish to attend?). The workshop will be on Saturday, April 14. We’ll start at 10:30 AM. The location will be 9628 E. Peltier Rd. in Acampo.

Please bring the following:
• Something to share for lunch
• 1 – 750ml bottle of your wine (You will be doing bench trials with it)
• A wine glass
• 1 – 10ml syringe
• 4 to 5 – 50ml Erlenmeyer flasks or beakers (put your initials on them with a sharpie)”

Please RSVP by April 10th to


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