Group Buy: Premium Napa Valley Grapes

Contact Wreatha at if you are interested in reserving these grapes with small deposit. 

SHW members Amos Olson and Wreatha Duverney are sponsoring a group buy of a Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and Cabernet Sauvignon from a mature and meticulously maintained Napa Valley vineyard. Last year’s purchase that Amos and Wreatha made produced quality wines consistent with the expectation associated with Napa Valley.  There really is a reason for Napa Valley’s prestige and you can proudly put “Napa Valley” on your own wine label. 

Recognizing that these grapes are more costly, even small amounts for blending purposes will make a noticeable difference in your wine quality. Taking reservations for:

Merlot – estimated 1,000 pounds available at $1.45 per pound
Cabernet Franc – estimated 900 pounds available at $2.70 per pound
Cabernet Sauvignon – estimated 2,400 pounds available at $2.45 per pound

When the pick is ready, the grapes will be delivered and ready for pickup in Roseville. 

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