Group Buy – Corks

Please contact Tom Montgomery at

If you are interested in purchasing corks, SHW member Tom Montgomery is facilitating a cork purchase from ACIC Cork and Closures.

Corks are purchased and priced in lots of #1000 however, ACIC is allowing us to split at $4/split.  If ACIC does the split, the corks are packaged and gassed in the quantity ordered.


Here’s the pricing (in lots of 1000):

Naturetop (1+1/bi-disc) – $110

Natural cork AC-3 (Solid 45mm) – $265

Natural cork AC-2 (Solid 45mm) – $312

I have used both the Naturetop and AC-3 with good results.  I may try the AC-2 this year.

How to order and pay:

Email me your order per cork type in increments of 250, 500, 1000.

I will charge you an additional $2 for any 250 or 500 order.

As an example, if you need:

250 Naturetops, It will cost ($110/4)+$2 = $27.50 plus tax

250 AC-3 will cost you ($265/4)+$2 = $68.25 plus tax

You will pay when you pick up your corks.  I like cash.


Last day to order – 1/29/2016

Order Submitted – 2/1/2016

Corks available for pickup from my residence – 2/7/2016

I will bring any corks not picked up to the 2/17 meeting.

All dates and split charges could mildly deviate depending on the number of people and quantity of corks are purchased.

Group buy is available for SHW members only.


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