Grapes for Sale – Several varieties in Small Batches – Herald CA

Gontact : Jeff and Naomi Burns at or 209-7482926

We are giving the grapes to anyone who wants to make a small batch of wine. We used to make 5 gallons of each variety that we have, but the last few years we have been a bit more picky about which varieties we use, so we want to give the others to anyone who wants to make wine but doesn’t have the grapes! We just don’t have the energy to pick them all anymore. If they want to gift us a bottle at some point, we certainly wouldn’t turn it down!

Merlot 24.5 brix 8/9
Cab Sauvignon 20 brix 8/2
Semillion 24 brix 8/3
Syrah 22 brix 8/9
French Colombard 21 brix 8/2
Pinot Noir 22 brix 8/2
Cab Franc still green

My husband will be testing again tomorrow am. We have never actually weighed our grapes before, we go by 5 gallon buckets picked, so we estimate we have about 150# of each. Certainly enough to make 5-6 gallons of wine. We are in Herald, Clay Station Road between Borden and Montfort.

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