Equipment for Sale – West Davis

Contact James Morris at: .  Lives in West Davis where the equipment can be inspected on an arranged time. Phone 530 756 6246 ONLY evenings

1.  Crusher-destemmer electric motor coupled. Pigiadiraspactice Mini Tizia made by Enologica Fimco spa Italy $450 (see photo below)

2.  Basket press -ratchet lever 12” x 18” made by Berarducci Bros. Moklesport PA. $200 (see photo below)

3.  One Stainless steel fermenter 55 gallon – a 55 gallon drum with one end open. Excellent heat transfer

4.  5 -15 gall stainless steel beer kegs open at end

5.  5 or 6 -15 gall stainless steel beer kegs open at side

6.  3 or more – 5 gall stainless steel soda kegs

7.  Floor standing corker

8.  5 gallon glass carboys

9.  FREE .Large number (probably>20 dozen) of loose clean Bordeaux and Burgundy bottles (without labels) These are free for the taking. Bottles are stored in a loft (need 2 persons to take down and requires containers to put them in for transport away)

press for sale 8-4crusher for sale 8-4

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