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January 17 Meeting – Eastern and Central European Wines

Let’s kick off 2018 with new and exciting wines!

Central and Eastern European Wines is the January 17 meeting program. The evening’s guest speaker is Eric Danch, NorCal rep for Blue Danube Wine, importers of wines from that part of Europe.  Learn about the regions’ little known varieties, geography, history, and wine making techniques.

We’ll have wines to taste.  Please bring 2 wines glasses for your use.

Meeting starts at 7pm upstairs at the Turn Verein meeting hall located at 3349 J Street in Sacramento. Doors open after 6:30 – bring a bottle of wine to share if you like.

$10 for non-members; no charge for SHW members.

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Holiday Raffle Mandarins?? Who won them?

There should have been 6 winners of the Satsuma Mandarins at the SHW Holiday Raffle. Judy just forgot to bring them to the party!!  Sooo.. if you are one of the lucky ones, just call me at 916-224-6742. 

Or if you are free this Saturday Dec 30, there is another famous Satsuma Mandarin Picking Party at the Barn, (9195 Vista Ct, Loomis, CA 95650)… 11 to 2 PM, bring something to share, pick Mandarins, take home 2 bags, drink Mandarin Sunrises, help bottle the 2017 Zin Rose, or even have a glass of Mandarin Wine! What a deal for a raffle ticket!!

But don’t worry if you cant make it , we can arrange delivery to you somehow.  Call me or e-mail at

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The November 2017 issue of “The Grapevine” Newsletter can be found here. Posted by Kevin D. Hubred

The Grapevine – November 2017

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Member Rex Johnston – Health and Help

We learned that SHW member Rex Johnston, wine competitor extradordinaire, is hospitalized in a Walnut Creek hospital with serious health issues. He may need help with his wine in the future. If you’d like to contact Rex, his email address is

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Contact Andy at:   Shaker Ridge Vineyard 530-620-2141


We will shortly have met all of our commitments for 2017 touriga (touriga nacional) and we will have about 0.5 ton still available. 

The fruit is in excellent condition and bird-netted; the chemistry for the touriga in this field (our “non-Quinta” field) had the following chemistry as of yesterday, 9/22/17:  23.0 brix, pH 3.45, TA 0.56.  Good for dry wine now; port-style with additional hang time. Price $1/lb, minimum 250 lbs.  We pick.



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Grapes for Sale – Cab Franc and Cab Sauvignon – Napa Valley

Contact Wreatha at if you are interested in reserving these grapes with small deposit. 

Premium Napa Valley Grapes! Amos Olson and Wreatha Duverney are sponsoring a group buy of a Merlot, Cab Fran and Cab Sav from a mature and meticulously maintained Napa Valley vineyard. Last year’s purchase that Amos and Wreatha made produced quality wines consistent with the expectation associated with Napa Valley.  There really is a reason for Napa Valley’s prestige and you can proudly put “Napa Valley” on your own wine label. 

Recognizing that these grapes are more costly, even small amounts for blending purposes will make a noticeable difference in your wine quality. Taking reservations for:

Cab Franc – estimated 650 pounds available at $2.70 per pound

Cab Sav – estimated 500 pounds available at $2.45 per pound

When the pick is ready, the grapes will be delivered and ready for pickup in Roseville. 




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Grapes in Winters – Update and price reduced

Contact Doug Mackenzie at (530) 666-5096 or (530) 383-8058 cell

“Update to my August 2 posting – “
“Grapes have lately been ripening quickly at my vineyard near Winters.  A fair amount has been picked, or will be within a few days, but I still have some odds&ends available now.  Price reduced to $0.50/lb.
Vermentino – About 300 lb left at high brix 24-29.  Dessert wine anyone?
Grenache – Maybe 300 lb, some of it at 25, some at 23/24.
Sangiovese – Guessing at about 400 lb at 25 brix.”
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Grapes For Sale -Shenandoah Valley

Contact: Ray & Nicole Ryan, Ryan Oaks Vineyards, 209-245-4335 or
5 tons of Zinfandel @ $1,800/ton in lots of 1/2 ton or more ($1.25/lb for smaller lots)
Grown in the heart of Amador County’s Shenandoah Valley at 1500 feet, our Zinfandel wine grapes are meticulously cared for so that production does not exceed 3 to 4 tons per acre. The Gold Medal winning Zinfandel vineyard was established in 1985 and produces small clusters with berries having a high skin-to-juice ratio with incredible fruitiness. We specialize in working with home winemakers and boutique wineries. We have up to 5 tons of Zinfandel available for the 2017 harvest. The fruit will be harvested and sold at $1,800 per ton for lots of 1/2 ton or more. For lots of less than 1 ton we sell the fruit at $1.25 per lb. No destemmer-crusher available.


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Grapes for Sale – Syrah and Zinfandel – Somerset CA

Contact Carey Bailey at: or 925-784-6441.
Carey and Anna Maria Bailey, owners of the Flat Creek Vineyard in the Fair Play district, are offering both Syrah and Zinfandel grapes to home winemakers this Fall at the price of  $750/ton – with the buyer picking the grapes. 
Their 60 acre farm is conveniently located at 2501 Omo Ranch Rd., Somerset, CA 95684 and is meticulously managed by Bill Naylor, a well-known viticulturist and vineyard manager in El Dorado County. 
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Grapes for Sale – Zinfandel and Primitivo – Plymouth, CA

Terry Villegas. 209-245-6685. Plymouth, CA

My husband and I planned a vineyard a few years ago.  There are about a 1000 plants of Zinfandel and Primitivo each.  They were pruned  back for training this year.  Still there may be 1-2 tons of grapes that could be picked.  It would be a You-Pick situation with no crusher stemmer, $0.50 per pound.  10 days ago the Primitivo was at 16 brix and the Zin was at 10 brix   

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