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2018 Year End Fiscal Report

At the bottom of this post is a link to the Club’s end-of-the-year 2018 fiscal report. The Club’s 2018 income was a little over $1,200 greater than the year’s expenses. This balance is reflective of a board who carefully oversees the year’s budget, fiscal diligence on the part of the program and event coordinators, successful fundraising efforts throughout the year especially at the Club’s annual Holiday Party, and the support of members.

Please direct questions on this report to President Joe McGillivray at 

Profit – Loss July-Dec 2018

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Home Wine Making Equipment for Sale, Isleton, CA

Home Wine Making Equipment all ($1000) or individual pieces

Basket Press $250
Fermenters 6ea. 32 Gallon $25 ea.
Electric or Hand Crusher and Stand $350.
5 Gal. Glass Carboys &Air Locks $25ea.
Misc. Buckets, Transfer or Fermentation Barrels, Containers $130 
Transfer Pump & Cart $50
Filter Pump & Filters $50

Misc. Small Supplies, everything you need for the Home Wine Maker… Isleton, CA  My phone # 9169553435 or by email:

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Need a Refurbished 60 gal French Wine Barrel from reWine?

Club Member Bill Kemper wants one and is looking for others to go in on the deal as the company wants to sell a number of them to afford the sales tax in California. In the past they have been about $325 each (actual price will be determined by the number of barrels ordered,
and whether the owner has enough barrels to deliver them himself, or whether we have to pay shipping for the barrels.

Bill intends to discuss this further with the owner of ReWine at the Unified Grape and Wine Symposium this week. If you are interested in getting in on this buy, contact Bill at the contact info below, he will co-ordinate the order.

Bill Kemper410-279-0809

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Winemaking 201 – Limited Space Still Available

So, you’ve made wine for 3-4 years and you’re wondering if you’ve covered the essential steps or question whether your wine could be better.

This could be the workshop for you. At WM-201, experienced home winemakers provide you with feedback to your questions. Panel #1 focuses on The Harvest and Initial Adjustments. Panel #2 shares the next steps in Cellar Operations and Ageing.

At this workshop, ask your “whys” and “what ifs”.  Session runs from 9:30 AM – 1:00 PM on Saturday, January 26 at Two Rivers Cider, 4311 Attawa Ave, Sacramento. $10 for SHW members. Contact Bruce Currie to register: and 916 947-3358.

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December 12 Holiday Party Donations

Dashing through the snow…

Hey, the SHW Holiday Party is just around the corner!  If you are a little slow getting your donated item to the party’s fundraising crew, well…they’re waiting to hear from you! 

If you would like to donate items or place bids on an auction item that you’ve heard about, The Crew wants to hear from you, too!

Melody Palmero’s standing by to talk with you!  Contact her at: & 916 601-3986. 

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SHW Profit / Loss Statement, January 2018 – June 2018

Attached is the Club’s profit/loss statement for the first half of calendar year 2018.

Please direct inquiries to 2018 President Joe McGillivray at

2018 Jan-June P&L (1)

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Grapes for Sale: Petite Sirah, Cab Sauv, Pinot Noir, Merlot – Clements Hills AVA

Grapes for sale. Vineyards are in Clements Hills AVA, east Lodi. Below are varieties available and brix at estimated harvest date. This ad is dated Sept. 29, 2108.

Petite Sirah, 24 brix next week
Cabernet Sav, 22 brix two weeks out
Pinot Noir, 25 brix next week
Merlot 24, brix 7 days

Pricing $.75/lb you pick or $.95/lb we pick no tonnage limitations.

Contact Kari at

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SHW Harvest Dinner – October 17, 2018

Instead of a technical meeting at the Turn Verein in October, the October 17 meeting is a time for members to relax and share their season’s winemaking adventures at The Club Pheasant in West Sacramento.  

Appetizers start at 5:30; dinner buffet begins at 6:30.  Make your reservations by October 8 using this reservation form:

2018 Oct 17 Harvest Dinner

No late reservations, please. Contact Vice President Terry Piazza-Perham at with questions.

SHW’s November meeting is on November 14 (SECOND Wednesday in November) when we’ll be tasting and evaluating members bubblies, fruits, sweets, and fortifieds. 

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Grapes for Sale: Petite Sirah – Russian River

For Sale: Russian River Petite Syrah,  9 year old Foppiano Clone on St George Rootstock.

Up to 3 tons available, with 1,000 lb minimum. $2,800 a ton. Current Brix is 19 (September 1). Harvest estimated late-September to mid-October. Destemmer is available for SHW members.

Wines have won numerous awards at the Sonoma County Harvest Fair. Welcome to come visit and taste the wine.

Call Ron Rodella for more info:  707 953-1195.

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Grapes for Free: Syrah – Lincoln

George Smith has 2 acres of syrah. 15 year old vines, approximately 6 tons, current quality unknown. Vineyard located west of Lincoln. Grapes are free if you’d like to harvest them. Inspection welcome.

The grower is also interested in leasing the vineyard in the future. Grower can do some ground work and provide the water.

If you’re interested in harvesting the syrah or leasing the vineyard, call George Smith at 916 434-1937.

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