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Old Vineyard in Loomis Available for Care and Keeping the Grapes


This vineyard is maybe 10 years old, Zinfandel and Chardonnay (over 100 vines) and some eating grapes. Available to take care of and have all grapes (owners don’t drink).  Vineyard has not been cared for in maybe 5 years.  1/2 mile from Hwy 80 off Horseshoe Bar Road.

Contact Teresa Burgess (925) 383-1914

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Homemade bottle racks, 1/2 ton grape picking bin, miscellaneous garage sale items

Homemade bottle racks, 1/2 ton grape picking bin, miscellaneous garage sale items

Loomis California, within a half mile of freeway 80 on Horseshoe Bar Rd. Bottle racks are fixed to concrete wall, buyer would have to remove them from that (very well made though see pics) Best offer.

Best offer on 1.5 ton bin and other items pictured and more.

Contact Teresa Burgess (925) 383-1914 or tb1@sbcglob

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The Grapevine Newsletter- April 2019

Bud break and competition time are here–both are well underway and it is an exciting time to be a home winemaker! We have a lot of news in this edition of our newsletter, The Grapevine.  Mark your calendars and turn in your reservation form to join us for the annual June Jubilee picnic on June 2nd.  Also in the newsletter are details about how you can sign up to help at the CA State Fair and information about the Ethiopian Food and Wine event on Sunday, April 28th (make sure to RSVP for this right away if you are interested as seating is limited).

We look forward to seeing you at the next general meeting on Wednesday April 17th at 7pm upstairs at the Turn Verein located at 3349 J Street in Sacramento. We will have a Red Wines Roundtable Discussion. The goals of this activity are:

  • Help more members get to know each other and have fun
  • Learn what is expected on the competition judging sheet and how to use it
  • Help members express wine characteristics and faults
  • Increase participation in wine exhibits and sharing wine to the club

For more details about the April 17th meeting, see the front page of The Grapevine newsletter.

Click here to read the newsletter: April 2019- The Grapevine

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Accepting Wine Competition Entries at SHW’s April 17 Meeting

With this beautiful weather, it’s sometimes difficult to get yourself back into your winery. But do it – this weekend!

Round up the crew, decide which wines to enter into upcoming wine contests, and clear a spot in your cellar to hang incoming shiny award ribbons.

We make it easy for members to submit entries at this Wednesday’s April 17 SHW meeting.  Please come prepared with the necessary completed paperwork, bottles, and fees.

  • El Dorado County Home Wine Competition. Niles Fleege will be at Wednesday’s meeting to accept home wine entries for this competition. May 1 is the entry deadline. See here for more info.
  • California State Fair Home Wine Competition. Entries for this statewide competition will be accepted at Wednesday’s meeting by Thad Rodgers and SHW Cellar Master Joe Morgan. Entry information can be found here. Last day to enter is May 23.
  • SHW Jubilee. Entry period is April 17 – May 7. Bring your entries to Wednesday’s meeting to Cellar Master Joe Morgan.  Please note that only one bottle per entry is required and these is no entry fee for the first wine candidate – no risk! Entry details and forms here and also at

To make arrangements for Jubilee wine entry delivery outside of the April 17, contact Competition Chair Donna Bettencourt at or 916 548-3199. 

Jubilee wine judging is on Saturday, June 1 in Sacramento.  Jubilee Awards Ceremony and Picnic is on the following day, Sunday, June 2.  Please see the April 2019 newsletter for the June 2 details or here.

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2019 SHW Jubilee – Wine Competition and Picnic

SHW is calling for entries starting April 17, 2019 for the Club’s members-only Jubilee wine competition.

Competition and Awards Picnic. This year, the wine competition is on Saturday, June 1 in Sacramento. The Awards Ceremony Picnic on the next day (June 2) is in Loomis at the winery of Judy Pinegar (deets on picnic to follow).

Entries and Dates. There is no charge for the first wine entry. Subsequent entries are $8 apiece. Please ensure paperwork is completed and the necessary fees are attached when submitting entries. A convenient way to enter is to bring your entries to the April 17 SHW meeting. Entries will be accepted outside of the meeting (see contact info below). Entry period is from April 17 through May 7, 2019.

The Fine Print and Paperwork. Rules, categories, and forms can all be found here. Rules and forms are also posted on the right side of the home page (click on 2019 Jubilee Wine Competition) on the SHW website.

Who To Contact. To make entry delivery arrangements outside of the April 17 meeting or for inquiries, please contact Competition Coordinator Donna Bettencourt at 916 548-3199 and

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April 17, 2019 General Meeting Program

April 17, 2019  General Meeting Program

Round Table Red Wine Evaluation:  Join your fellow home winemakers on Wednesday, April 17, 2019 at 7 pm for our Monthly Program upstairs at the Turn Verein located at 3349 J Street in Sacramento. There is additional parking in the back.

We will be evaluating reds, so everyone needs to bring a bottle of red wine, with preference for this year’s wine. This can be a split bottle if a new wine, or if you don’t have any this year’s wine bring an older one or a store bought wine is fine. We will be doing round table tasting focusing on the competition judging sheet. This will be educational and a lot of fun for everyone. Your wine will be poured for members at your table for evaluation, after the leader of the group pours their own wine and you all evaluate it with the judging sheets…

Bring 2 wine glasses for your use at the meeting. Your help in setting up and cleaning up at meetings is appreciated. Contact Vice President Terry Piazza-Perham if you have program questions: or 916 806-1621.

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Group Buy: Cabernet Franc

Clos du Lac in Loomis grows and sells several wine grape varieties including cabernet franc, petite sirah, mourvèdre, and petit verdot.  Commercial and home winemakers alike consistently earn high honors for their wines made from this vineyard’s grapes.  

Clos du Lac traditionally prunes leaving two buds per spur.  This year they are pruning select areas to a single bud per spur including the vineyard areas where some SHW members got fruit from in the last harvest.  Less spurs = less fruit per plant = higher fruit quality.

SHW member Ron Loder has again offered (thanks, Ron!) to coordinate a SHW group buy for Clos du Lac cabernet franc.  Price:  $1,500/ton which includes the ‘single bud per spur’ block.  This pricing is available until March 15, 2019; the grower cannot guarantee price and availability after that date.  Group buys are an opportune way for those desiring smaller quantities to access fruit available only in larger quantities.

Interested?  Before March 15, contact Ron Loder directly for the details:  916 417-3085 or

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2018 Year End Fiscal Report

At the bottom of this post is a link to the Club’s end-of-the-year 2018 fiscal report. The Club’s 2018 income was a little over $1,200 greater than the year’s expenses. This balance is reflective of a board who carefully oversees the year’s budget, fiscal diligence on the part of the program and event coordinators, successful fundraising efforts throughout the year especially at the Club’s annual Holiday Party, and the support of members.

Please direct questions on this report to President Joe McGillivray at 

Profit – Loss July-Dec 2018

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Home Wine Making Equipment for Sale, Isleton, CA

Home Wine Making Equipment all ($1000) or individual pieces

Basket Press $250
Fermenters 6ea. 32 Gallon $25 ea.
Electric or Hand Crusher and Stand $350.
5 Gal. Glass Carboys &Air Locks $25ea.
Misc. Buckets, Transfer or Fermentation Barrels, Containers $130 
Transfer Pump & Cart $50
Filter Pump & Filters $50

Misc. Small Supplies, everything you need for the Home Wine Maker… Isleton, CA  My phone # 9169553435 or by email:

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Need a Refurbished 60 gal French Wine Barrel from reWine?

Club Member Bill Kemper wants one and is looking for others to go in on the deal as the company wants to sell a number of them to afford the sales tax in California. In the past they have been about $325 each (actual price will be determined by the number of barrels ordered,
and whether the owner has enough barrels to deliver them himself, or whether we have to pay shipping for the barrels.

Bill intends to discuss this further with the owner of ReWine at the Unified Grape and Wine Symposium this week. If you are interested in getting in on this buy, contact Bill at the contact info below, he will co-ordinate the order.

Bill Kemper410-279-0809

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