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Cider Making Focus Group

Well, it takes a lot of cider to make wine!  Are you interested in learning how to make cider?  Do you want to learn more about the many kinds of cider that you can make?  Kendall Johnson and Donna Bettencourt are putting together a zoom workshop with an award winning cidermaker, and will be coordinating a focus group for members to make cider together.  The zoom will be scheduled in mid-October, with the cidermaking in later October, when your red wines are safely tucked away.

If you are interested in participating in this zoom session and/or focus group, please contact Donna at by September 30th.  SHW members only.


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Cancelled – September 16 SHW Meeting

SHW’s September 16 Zoom meeting “Trivia Night” has been cancelled.  See you at the October 21 meeting for Gadgets and Gizmos.

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September 16 Meeting – Trivia Night

Who has a Golden Bear sitting on their fireplace mantle?

Take a break from your cellar,  and test your knowledge about wine and learn some history about SHW at the September 16 meeting.  We’ll break up into teams for some friendly competition and laughs.  

Email Gin Yang at for a Zoom invitation.  The evening starts at 7 pm.  See you then with your glass of wine!

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Call for Nominations for 2020 Executive Board Positions

The Board of Directors of the Sacramento Home Winemakers is calling for nominations for 2021 Officers and At Large Executive Board members. The following are the open elected officers and At Large Positions:


Vice President


Membership Chair

5 At Large Members

The Board Treasurer is elected for a a 2-year term and the current treasurer will be serving her  second year as Treasurer in 2021.

On the Sacramento Home Winemakers website, go to “About Us” and then chose the “Job Descriptions” sub-tab on the SHW website to learn more about the duties of these positions. 

Please contact Donna Bettencourt, Chair, SHW Board of Directors at by October 2, 2020 if you are interested in being nominated for any of these officer and At Large positions.  Nominations will also be accepted at the October and November Zoom regular meetings.  The elections will be held at our General Membership meeting on November 18th.


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Order Today or Be Forever Shirtless – Crush T-Shirts

Don’t miss this once-a-year opportunity to order your 2020 exclusive crush T-shirts – deadline is September 5.  Delivery by September 15.  Please see here for the details.  

P.S.  Help Bob ensure gets your order: 

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September 3 Zoom Session – Interpreting Your Crush Lab Analysis

Don’t be in the dark about your crush / juice analysis lab results. Tune in on Thursday’s September 3 Zoom session with Matt DiVisconte of Lodi Wine Labs who will talk about where you want the numbers to be.  

Thursday’s Zoom session starts at 7 pm. For a Zoom invitation, please email Gin Yang at Members only.

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Wine Analysis Deconstructed – Thursday, Sept 3, 7 pm, Zoom Meeting

So, you send your crush samples into the lab for analysis and soon you find yourself staring at the results.  What do the numbers all mean?  If the YAN is 87, is that high or low?  Do you need to add nitrogen and if yes, how much?  Brix is 27.5 and TA is 6.2 – is that ok?

No more guessing!  Matt DiVisconte, owner and manager of Lodi Wine Labs helps translate the harvest panel line items and also suggest the target numbers you would want your must or juice to be at. 

Zoom with SHW on Thursday, September 3 at 7pm.  Members only.  RSVP to Gin Yang at to receive your Zoom invitation.


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Wanted: Your Wine Making Gadgets and Innovations

Announcement from Sacramento Home Winemakers Vice President Fayne Boyd-Katz:

Ciao everyone!

For the October 21, 2020 program we will be presenting an old time club favorite, “Gadgets & Innovations”, but with a bit of a twist.

With your help, we’d like interested members to record a short video or a photo montage showcasing a favorite gadget or an innovation you utilize during your harvest or your winemaking activities. Your video or photos will be featured at our October 21, 2020, Zoom meeting where you will be able to explain/narrate your invention/adaptation and answer any questions.

I’m sure we’ve got some amateur movie producers or photographers out there wanting to show off your wine making gadgets and innovations especially while they’re in use.

Please forward your short video or photos to me soon! Reach me by email at or text/call 916 759-6271.


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RSVP for August 19 Meeting – Virtual Winery Tour

Harvest is here and we’re all busy!  But don’t miss this coming Wednesday’s SHW meeting when we’ll enjoy a virtual winery tour of a San Francisco garage winery. SHW members Kathleen Swanson and Michael MacWilliams share their home winery’s physical set-up along with innovative ways to push their wines around using argon.

Meeting starts at 7 pm.  Members only. View additional meeting info here.

RSVP for a Zoom invitation by contacting Donna Bettencourt at



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August 19 SHW Meeting – Virtual Home Winery Tour

Do you wonder what happens when two science nerds get together to make wine?

You got it!  They turn their home winery into a “lab!’  Winemakers Kathleen Swanson and Michael MacWilliams have invited us into their urban garage winery where they make award-winning wines (e.g. Best of Show White Wine at the California State Fair Home Wine Competition with their 2014 Chardonnay).

Starting with their crush pad, their tour takes us through the winery’s functional stations where they’ll talk about their innovative adaptations of winemaking equipment and processes.  You’ll have the opportunity to interact with your questions and comments.

The August 19 (Wednesday) meeting starts at 7 pm on Zoom and we appreciate your promptness.  This meeting will not be recorded.

Please contact Donna Bettencourt at to request a Zoom invitation.  SHW members only.

Show us how you’ve made your home winery work for you.  Contact Donna Bettencourt if you’d like to show case your place.


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