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Gadgets and Innovations Recording – October 21, 2020 Meeting

Check out the innovations SHW members shared at the October 21, 2020 meeting.  Click here for the video – audio recording.  You can also find this recording on the SHW website, in the Members Resource / Speaker Resources tab.

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Vineyard Management – Free Grapes

From former SHW member Nick Bruno:

Hello, I used to be a member of this nice club many years ago. My wife and I bought some property in Loomis 20 years ago and planted a very nice vineyard and also built our home there. The vineyard is 3/4 of an acre and sits on a Southeast facing hillside. We have about 30% Cabernet Sauvignon, 60% Zinfandel & Primitivo combination, and 10% Muscat. We have not made made much at all the past few years and are looking for someone who wants to maintain the vineyard. We pay for the irrigation and fertilizers and you get the grapes for free. The main activities would be pruning, netting, and picking.

Please contact me at if you are interested.  SHW members only, please.

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Slate of Nominees for 2021 Executive Board Positions

The Board of Directors of the Sacramento Home Winemakers is pleased to present the slate of nominees for the elected positions of the 2021 Executive Board. They are:


President – Robert Wharton

Co-Vice Presidents – Brad Melin and Tina Melin

Secretary – Mike Menard

Membership – Gin Yang

At Large Members (SHW by-laws allow for up to 5 at large members)

Thad Rodgers

Will Carlton

Bob Peake

Jerry Roark

(The Treasurer is elected for a 2-year term and the current treasurer, Wreatha Duverney will be serving her second year in 2021.)

Nominations will be accepted from the floor at the November 18, 2020 monthly meeting (via Zoom) prior to the election. . If you wish to nominate yourself, or someone else, for any of these positions except for Treasurer, please contact Joe McGillivray (Member, Board of Directors) at before that date.


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Gadgets and Innovations – October 21 Meeting

We just wrapped up a dry run of this coming Wednesday’s meeting on Gadgets and Innovations and what an interesting assortment of gadgets and inventions we have to show you!  The inventors will be talking about their adaptations so you’ll have a chance to ask for the details.

Get a Zoom invitation by emailing Gin Yang at or send her a text at 916 217-0294.

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For Sale: Winemaking and Vineyard Equipment

This was submitted by SHW member Jim Garrett who knows this seller, and vouches for the excellent condition of the equipment.
Winemaking and Vineyard Equipment For Sale
Long-time, and excellent, home winemaker is selling his equipment due to the sale of his property and vineyard.
5 – Carboys – 5gal     $125.00
2 – Soda Style tanks     $50.00
1 – Hanna 84102 Titratable Acidity Meter    $200.00
4 – Plastic Storage Tanks 60gal?    $80.00
Misc Chemicals, Brushes, support appliances     Value $100.00
2 – 300Liter     $600.00
1 – 150Liter     $150.00
1 – 850Liter     $850.00
1 – 600 Liter     $600.00
1 – 250 Liter     $250.00
1 – 500 Liter     $500.00
6 – French Oak – Neutral Barrels     $300.00
Old freezer with Temp Control     $100.00
Sump Pump     $20.00
Wine Press – 160L Bladder press     $3000.00
Grape Destemmer/Crusher     $1000.00
4 – 1/2 ton Picking Bins     $1000.00
1 – One ton Picking Bin     $90.00
Total Value is $9,015.00. Take it all for $7000.00, or contact me, and let’s make a deal.
Located near Nevada City
Contact:  Gary Glaze
Phone:   530-277-6566
or email
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October 21 Meeting (Zoom) – Gadgets and Innovations

For most of us, the one thing we miss most this year is sharing our wine making adventures and wines with other wine makers.  No 2020 harvest dinner, no in-person meetings post-February but that doesn’t mean we still can’t have fun!

So, open that bottle of wine and relax at SHW’s October 21 meeting where you’ll get to check out some of the most interesting gadgets and innovations members’ have adapted for making wine in their home cellars.

If you have your gadgets and ideas to contribute, please contact Vice Prez Fayne Boyd-Katz at

To request a Zoom invitation to the meeting, please contact Gin Yang at


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Oak Product for Smoke Taint

Being a member of SHW has many benefits including ordering StaVin oak additives at cost in smaller quantities. 

If you think your pride and joy has been exposed to smoke taint, StaVin has developed a new product.  Please note that SHW is not endorsing this product but advising the Club of it.  The Club’s resident Oak Coordinator, Bill Staehlin can order this in addition to any other oak products you may need.

StaVin has been working hard to research and develop products that incorporate the beneficial components of oak to mask smoke taint.  The fundamental premise is the recognition that certain smoke compounds, including guaiacols, are highly desirable qualities found in all the finest oak used in high quality winemaking.  Smoke compounds found in fire toasted staves are complexed with additional less toasted oak components to create the desired nostalgic aromas of baking spices, vanilla, caramel, dark chocolate, and coffee while minimizing the ashy astringent aftertaste.  Adding untoasted oak compounds to smoked grapes or wine can complex volatile phenols to mask the aroma and flavor associated with smoke taint.   StaVin has developed Express Tannin Pure to specifically add these smoke masking components to wine. 
Express Tannin Pure – A liquid tannin prepared from three year seasoned oak untoasted and lightly heat treated oak.  At 1-2 L per ton of grapes (8-17oz/59gallons)(.015-3oz/5gal carboy) this instantly delivers the oak components responsible for minimizing overt smokiness and delivering enhanced mouthfeel.  Benchtop trials are recommended post fermentation at a rate around 1-4 gallons per 1000 gallons of wine (0.3-1.3oz/5gal carboy). 
Traditional products by StaVin are also available for use.  Untoasted and barrel head chips can deliver smoke masking qualities when used at a rate of 0.3-1 pounds per ton of grapes.  Benchtop trials are recommended post fermentation at a rate around 2-10 pounds per 1000 gallons of wine (0.6- 3.2oz/5gal carboy).

Please direct your oak additive questions to Bill Staehlin at (916) 216-1753 or

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2021 Executive Board – Call for Nominations

SHW depends on its volunteers for leadership to collectively keep the Club moving forward.  Per the Club’s by-laws, the Board of Directors (BOD) presents the slate of nominees to the membership at the October meeting and elections for the incoming open board positions take place at the Club’s November meeting (also known as the Annual Meeting).  Nominations will also be taken from the floor at the November meeting.

The Club’s BOD is calling for nominations for 2021 Officers and At Large Executive Board members. The following are the open executive board positions.  

President – calls to order monthly meetings, leads executive board meetings, makes appointments and coordinates the year’s activities.

Vice President – (position can be shared) with the support of the Education Committee, arranges for the Club’s monthly meetings’ topics and speakers.

Secretary – (position can be shared) records monthly executive board meeting minutes and produces correspondence as needed.

Membership Chair – (can be shared) recruits and welcomes new members, maintains membership roster, and reconciles membership numbers with Club treasurer.

At Large Members (5) – volunteers to lead and/or support ongoing and/or ad hoc Club activities and events.

The Club’s Treasurer is elected for a a 2-year term and the current treasurer will be serving her  second year as Treasurer in 2021.

On the Sacramento Home Winemakers website, go to “About Us” and then chose the “Job Descriptions” sub-tab on the SHW website to learn more about the duties of these positions. 

Please contact BOD President Donna Bettencourt with your interest:

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Grapes for Sale: Merlot – Somerset (El Dorado – Amador Counties)

Merlot available from Shooting Star Vineyard in Somerset on the border of El Dorado and Amador counties.  The same grapes are used in wines sold at Biba’s, Mulvaney’s and Hawks restaurants.

Up to 3 tons available.  No minimums.  Very flexible on price; picking negotiable.

Contact directly:  Kip Wiley at 916 718-9944.

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Grapes for Sale: Syrah – Fiddletown (Amador County)

20 tons of Syrah available in Fiddletown in the Sierra Foothills.
Brix is at 25 as of October 1.
$1500 / ton.  1 ton minimum.  Grower picks.
Contact directly:  Carrie Wells at, 209-637-1980
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