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Grapes for Sale: Cabernet Sauvignon – Moon Mountain AVA, Sonoma County

Super premium Cabernet Sauvignon for sale.

Vineyard is in Moon Mountain AVA on west side of Mt. Veeder at 2,000 ft.   Clone 37.  20 years old,   Professionally managed, we pick.   Delivery available, 500 lb  minimum, 5 tons available, mid September on.   $2.50 per lb.     

Contact:,   415 740-7928


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Grapes for Sale: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon – Granite Bay

Grapes for Sale: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon – Granite Bay vineyard 
4000 lbs of each variety.
No minimum purchase required. But $0.05/lb DISCOUNT if your purchase is over 1000 lbs.
Price (without discount):
Merlot: $0.65 / lb if customer picks, $0.75 / lb if grower picks.
Cabernet Sauvignon: $0.75 / lb if customer picks, $0.85 / lb if grower picks.
Anticipated Harvest dates:
– Merlot: Early-September 2020
– Cabernet Sauvignon: Mid-September 2020
Vines have been well managed for 16 years.
Crusher and de-stemmer available on site for use, free of additional charge.
Granite Bay (cross streets Reba Dr. and Barton Rd, Zip 95746).
We are just north of Sacramento and next to Roseville and Rocklin. No need to drive hours to get your grapes!
Contact Jane for more information
-text or call 530-219-1649
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Grapes for Sale: Zinfandel – Sutter Creek

Zinfandel grapes for sale in Sutter Creek.

Approximately 2 tons available. Vines were planted in the 1990’s. Grapes are netted. Some watering but not much. Available at end of August or first week of September, depending on sugar.

$.55 per pound.  Buyer must pick grapes.  No crusher/destemmer available on site.

Contact Gale Brown, or 209 267-5159 (leave message) or 209 304-5259 (text).

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Grapes for Sale: Barbera, Petite Sirah, Primitivo, Zinfandel – Amador County

4 varieties to choose from: Barbara, Petite Sirah, Primitivo and Zinfandel.  Vines are 5 years old; located in Amador County. Have a a couple of tons available.  Anticipate September or October harvest dates.  Can give updates as the sugars get closer.

Selling any variety for 60 cents a pound if you pick.  No minimum.  Call Terry at 209 245-6685.


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Grapes for Sale: Update – Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot – Chiles Valley District, Napa Valley

Update:  minimum quantity has been modified from 1 ton to 1/2 ton.

Volker Eisele Family Estate is located in in the Chiles Valley District of the Napa Valley and have cabernet sauvignon and merlot for sale. 

Please see this blog post for the details.

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Fun and Games Meeting – We Need Your Help

We look forward to the time when we can again talk and laugh and taste wines together at the Turn Verein but until then, Zoom is where we’ll meet.

SHW’s Education Committee keeps working on bringing you interesting monthly meetings and activities.  So, how about a Fun and Games night for the Club’s September 16 meeting?  We are in search of a member who can provide technical help in putting the meeting together on Zoom.

We’re envisioning setting up breakout groups with maybe 10 of us in each and having friendly team competitions.  Wine making Trivia? “Guess the wine I’m drinking?”  Or showing memorable wine snippets from movies with short discussions after?  

We need your help.  If you’re a Zoom maestro and can help us put together the September program, please contact Donna Bettencourt at  Send her your Fun and Games suggestions, too.


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Video – June 15, 2020 Meeting, Adjusting pH in Wine with Scott Harvey

Scott Harvey Wines owner and winemaker Scott Harvey has shared the video of SHW’s July 15, 2020 meeting:  Adjusting pH in Wine.  The beginning of the meeting didn’t get recorded but the remaining hour did.

In the video, Scott along with the winery’s assistant winemaker Mollie Haycock answer Club questions as they bench trial SHW members Scott Elliott and Marco Sguazzin’s wines.  Jana Harvey facilitates the meeting and questions.

You can view this and the winery’s other videos on Scott Harvey Wines YouTube channel.  Select Scott Harvey Wines videos can be viewed on the SHW website.  


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Scott Harvey Software and Resources

For those of you who participated in SHW’s July 15 webinar meeting featuring winemakers Scott Harvey and Mollie Haycock of Scott Harvey Wines, you’ll remember Scott referring to software that’s made available to SHW.

Located on the SHW website page Speaker Resources, this “software” is an interactive Excel workbook loaded with formulas to help you calculate quantities when making adjustments to wines.  Also on the same page are a series of  lab videos created by  Scott and Mollie demonstrating equipment and processes used to measure and make adjustments.

We appreciate Scott Harvey and Mollie Haycock’s continued support of SHW and the home wine making community.  Appreciation is also extended to Jana Harvey for facilitating the meeting, to Club members Marco Sguazzin and Scott Elliott for volunteering their wines as test subjects, and to Club member Donna Bettencourt for bringing the multiple facets of the meeting together.

Special offer for SHW viewers – order Scott Harvey Wines through July 24 with discount code SIP25 and receive 25% off plus free shipping.

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Videos for July 15, 2020 Meeting: Scott Harvey Series

Scott Harvey of Scott Harvey Wines shares a series of videos demonstrating techniques for determining and adjusting levels of components in wine.  Viewing these videos is helpful for the July 15, 2020 SHW meeting webinar “Adjusting pH in Wine” featuring Scott Harvey and the winery’s assistant winemaker Mollie Haycock.

The upcoming Scott Harvey webinar requires advanced registration.  To receive a Zoom webinar invitation, please email Gin Yang at by July 14.  Members only.

Video:   Volatile Acdity with Cash Still

Video:   pH and Acidity Level Adjustments

Video:  Testing for alcohol using an Ebulliometer and testing pH  



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Grapes for Sale: Tempranillo – Arbuckle, District 9

First-harvest Tempranillo grapes for sale:

Variety: Tempranillo
Vineyard Location: District 9, Arbuckle, CA
Price/ Ton: Negotiable
Minimum Purchase: Negotiable
Grower Picks
No destemmer-crusher available
Anticipated harvest: Late July/early August
Contact: Brooke Bachmann 805 704-5474 or email

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