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For Sale: Bladder Press

Bladder press for sale.

The press is a 79-gallon press with spare bladder in good condition, $2800.

Contact Gary Palmero at 916-717-8492.

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For Sale: 5-Spout Bottle Filler, Glass Carboys

For sale:

  • 5-gal and 6-gal glass carboys, $10 each
  • five spout bottle filler, like new, $400 (see photos below)

Contact Gary Palmero at 916-717-8492.

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Harvest Basics with John Troiano – Recording, June 17, 2020 SHW Meeting

SHW’s June 17, 2020 John Troiano’s presentation can be found in both audio-only and video formats at the google drive location listed, below. Using your favorite web browser, navigate to:

Once there, click (or double-click) on either “audio_only.mp4” or “zoom_0.mp4”. You should see a player appear on your screen and shortly thereafter the audio or video program will begin. John’s presentation is one-hour, forty-two minutes in length. So open a bottle, sit back and be informed.  The video can be paused and continued by clicking in the middle of the screen. 

Please notify Robert Wharton ( should you encounter any issues with the quality of the recordings.

The corrected handout accompany the presentation can be found here

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New Group Buy Coordinator Appointed

Jim Garrett has taken on the duties of the Group Buy Coordinator for SHW. He will help to facilitate the acquisition of quality wine grapes for members and will assist members form groups interested in purchasing grapes that otherwise might not be available in small quantities. Among his duties will be tracking grape variety sources and keeping group members up to date on group buy details as harvest approaches.
In the near future, members will be receiving emails directly from Jim regarding grape preferences, grape availability, group makeup and other details. Please note: Most emails regarding Group Buys will not be sent from our MailChimp mail account, so watch for emails with the Subject lines prefaced with SHW and from Jim Garrett. The sending and reply email address will be  .
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Topics and Hosts Wanted for Zoom Sessions

Starting in late spring, SHW has been presenting members with educational programs using Zoom for the Club’s monthly meetings and smaller sessions.

Future smaller sessions (virtual) may include: Ask The SHW Mentors; and Tips for Making Rosés and Whites.  What other wine making and home viticulture topics would you like to learn more about?  Please email your ideas to Donna Bettencourt at 

We are also looking for members to host the smaller sessions with their Zoom access (robust bandwidth and chat capabilities necessary).  Most small sessions are planned for a weekday evening starting around 7 pm.  If you can host, please contact Gin Yang at 



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Want to go to a Fruit Wine Making Class?

This class is full.  To be put on waiting list, please contact Judy Pinegar at

Want to go to a Fruit Wine Making Class?

This is the 3rd year that this class has been taught by Judy Pinegar. It lasts maybe 3 – 3 1/2 hours, we start at 10 AM and end with tasting fruit wines with some food (TBD by consensus of attendees)  The date will be Saturday July 11, 2020

There is a lecture session with lots of tips on fruit wine, with handouts to take home including many fruit wine recipes.  Then we will begin making apricot wine with some luscious apricots that I will have already frozen to break the cell walls. We will then move to racking, then filtering and bottling some fruit wine to take home.

Because of Covid 19 I am limiting it to six (possibly 8) people. The class will be socially distanced, but please bring a mask to use when doing the “hands on” lessons. (I will have gloves, and actually masks too if needed)

Location : Judy Pinegar’s Home Winery and Barn ( I will send directions after you confirm, which you can do at: or text: 916-224-6742


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Baking with Wine Yeast

Who doesn’t have leftover wine yeast from last year’s harvest?  Wondering if you can bake with the lounging beasties?

Andrea Mugnaini of Mugnaini Imports in Healdsburg has done some of the homework for you.  She baked bread, pizza and focaccia with three cultured yeasts designed for wine making – RC 212, BRL 97 and D 254 in Mugnaini’s dreamy wood-fired or gas pizza ovens.  With Mugnaini Imports permission, we’re sharing Andrea’s findings (edited):

“…I found that the primary species for all yeast used for wine, beer and breads is the same – Saccharomyces Cerevisiae. So, using the three wine yeasts I had on hand, I spent two months testing it for making pizza, focaccia, and breads. I found surprisingly positive and favorable results, and several unexpected benefits.   

First, I used the exact same proportions that I already use for all of my dough recipes. What I found was amazing. The action of all the wine yeasts I tried produced a slower and gentler rise, appetizing aromas and much greater longevity. My last batch of dough was baked at 12 days and remained well structured and not sour. It was lofty and aromatic and baked with perfect speckled char browning. Read the notes below on the different yeasts I experimented with!

RC 212 
This yeast produced a warm cream and rye aroma upon proofing and then a clean, fresh yeasty bread aroma after baking.

BRL 97 
This yeast produced a rye & sour cream aroma upon proofing and then delicious dough with sour cream undertones and a deeper yellow color.

D 254  This yeast produced a very fresh wheat aroma upon proofing and then a sweet, fruity, very mild yeast backdrop when finished. …”

So, there you have it!  Use last year’s stash in the oven and get fresh packs for your winery.

The information for this post was shared by former SHW members Grant and Yoka Koch who now reside in southern Oregon’s Rogue Valley.  They say the wines are exciting in the valley and offer to help SHWers with their wine tour visits in that area.

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June 17, 2020 Meeting Handout – Correction

SHW’s June 17 guest speaker John Troiano ran us through fermentation, chemistry and more last Wednesday evening.  He’s made a correction to his previous handout on the formula for using yeast nutrient Fermaid K and should now read “… 140 g/28 g per fl oz…”. 

Shred the original handout and use this revised version:  I Just Stomped My Grapesrev2020 Corrected.  This document is also posted on SHW’s website under the Members Resources tab; choose Mentors and Speaker Resources on the drop down menu and scroll down to Speaker Resources.


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Best Way to Ship Cased Wine Across Country

SHW member John Lymath’s asking for a friend: what’s the best way to ship 20 cases of wine (refrigerated) across the continental USA?

Contact John at or 916 765-3451.

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Grapes for Sale: Carignane, Mourvedre, Zinfandel – Oakley / Antioch

Grapes for Sale: Carignane, Mourvèdre, and Zinfandel.

120-year old vines are dry-farmed by 3rd generation Sandy Lane grower in Oakley / Antioch area. Grapes from these vineyards have been purchased by Ridge Wine, Ledson Winery, and Boony Doon Vineyard.

$0.75 lb. you pick; $1 lb. grower picks.

Contact directly: Dan Gonsalves at 925 695-5747 or

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