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Cabernet Franc (Clos du Lac) Group Buy – Please Confirm Your Order

You know how us winemakers are when life gets in the way –  we should but sometimes we don’t keep up with tracking the details (especially at harvest!).

Clos du Lac’s cabernet franc group buy has turned into a monster purchase with lots of participants.  There’s been so many changes that group buy coordinator Ron Loder is wondering if he’s captured your latest communication and he wants you to get the grapes you’ve ordered.

So let’s help out Ron – even if you haven’t changed your order from Day One, please confirm your quantity order with Ron at the number below. 

Call / text / leave a voice message for Ron directly by close of business on WEDNESDAY, MAY 1,  at 916 417-3085.  Identify yourself and your order.

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Bring Your Jubilee Entries to May 1 Board Meeting

Hey! The May 7 deadline to enter your wine into SHW’s Jubilee wine competition is fast approaching!

Your first entry is free!  All it takes is one 750 ml bottle of wine and a little paperwork.  Click here for more information.

SHW gold ribboin

SHW’s executive board is meeting on Wednesday, May 1 in Sacramento’s Tahoe Park.  Swing by to drop off your entries as Chief Judge Donna Bettencourt will be there to receive your stash after 6:30 pm.  Contact her at 916 548-3199 for the meeting’s address.

We’ll continue to receive Jubilee wine competition entries through May 7.  Contact Chief Judge Donna for Sacramento area drop off,  Cellar Master Joe Morgan 916 439-7205  (Citrus Heights) and Pit Boss Thad Rodgers 916 715-3688 (Auburn).

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April 28 Ethiopian Food and Wine Dinner – Please Confirm

Looking forward to a delicious dinner with you on Sunday, April 28, of Ethiopian food and wine.  Don’t forget to bring your wines (home made or commercial) to the dinner.  If the commercial wine that you bring ends up as wine the restaurant owner would like to sell, you’ll receive a gift certificate for dinner for 2.

There’s a waiting list for Sunday’s dinner so please confirm with the number attending to Fred Millar at  Details here

Queen Sheba Ethiopian Cuisine
1704 Broadway
Sacramento 95818
April 28 (Sunday) 3 – 6 pm

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Last Call for Cabernet Franc Group Buy

It’s late April.  Have you decided which wines you’re making this harvest?

SHW member Ron Loder is coordinating a group buy for Cabernet Franc from Clos du Lac in Loomis. His order goes in on April 25, 2019.  See this blog post for details about the vineyard.

Contact Ron directly at 916 417-3085 if you’re interested. SHW members only, please.

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CA State Fair Home Winemakers Competition Set-Up

There’s still volunteer opportunities for the approaching State Fair Home Winemakers Competition.

Interested? Please click here or visit

Questions? Contact Robert Wharton at

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SHW Jubilee Wine Competition Entries Accepted Around Town

Enter your wine for competition at the Club’s Jubilee!  Only one 750 ml bottle is required and the first bottle is free. May 7 is the last day to enter.

Call ahead and make delivery arrangements. For the Sacramento area, text / call Competition Coordinator Donna Bettencourt at 916 548-3199. Text / call Cellar Master Joe Morgan at 916439-7205 in Citrus Heights.   And in the Auburn area, contact Thad Rodgers at 916 715-3688.

Click here for the Jubilee’s details.

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Forum: A Winemaker’s Perspective on Genetic Diversity

The Robert Mondavi Food and Wine Institute at UC Davis sponsors forums on food and wine sciences. On Tuesday May 14, 2019, the forum topic is “A Winemaker’s Perspective on Genetic Diversity” featuring a joint lecture delivered by Elisabeth Forrestel, a National Science Postdoctoral Fellow in Biology in the Department of Viticulture and Enology at UC Davis, and Steve Matthiasson, owner of Matthiasson Wines will deliver the joint lecture.

Preceding the lecture is an optional tour of the Wolfskill Experimental Orchard home to the world’s most genetically diverse grape collection.  Details here.

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Must for Sale: Scott Harvey Wines, Amador

Scott Harvey has for sale: Zinfandel, Barbera, Syrah, Petite Sirah and Tempranillo. $1 per pound for crushed de-stemmed must.

Directly contact Scott Harvey at

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Last Call! Lake County Wine Weekend, July 12-14

David Hicks still has room for several more couples at his 5th edition of his Lake County Wine Weekend and tour on July 12/14th. David will be at the meeting Wednesday to describe the event to everyone and take sign ups. Read the entire description of this fun filled wine adventure:  AN INVITATION TO WINEMAKERS AND GUESTS OF.

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Calling For Entries – 2019 Alameda County Homemade Wine Competition

SHW Chief Judge Donna Bettencourt advises that Lodi lab and Amador 360 are drop off locations for this competition.

Alameda County Homemade Wine Competition entries open Friday, April 12th thru Friday, April 26th. Wine must be entered and delivered to a drop spot by Friday, April 26th unless you are delivering your wine to the fairgrounds on Saturday, May 4th from 10 am-noon in building Q. If delivering your wine, it must be entered online by April 26th.

Link to this catalog that shows you the wine categories and any other information you may need.

Here is the link to enter online:

You should enter the “2019 Alameda County Homemade Wine Competition”

The logo that shows says “The Spirit of Summer”.

Please do not enter the Alameda County Wine Competition on Enofileonline.
This is for Commercial wineries only.

As a reminder, when entering your wines it may ask for information you do not have such as a winery name, price of wine, or % of residual sugar. You can put in a 0 for the areas that ask for a number. If you make up a winery name, be sure to remember the exact name so that you can easily sign in next year. If you have entered through Enofileonline before, your winery/brand information will still be there.

Drop Spots are listed on the attached catalog as well.

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