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For Sale: Oak Sawdust

For sale: about at #40 bag of oak sawdust.  The dust can be used as a pre-fermentation add. $20.

Contact Thad Rodgers at 916 715 3688.

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New Glass for Sale

New Glass for Sale:

Approximately 500 cases, new, clear, straight, cork closure. Clear/ Flint, 750 ml, Claret, small push up style.  Brand new, High Quality, still on the original pallets and wrapped.  Made in USA, Saxco Glass, Bay Area

$3 / case of 12 FOB Park Ave. Chico CA

Quoted $750 for freight to Napa for 500 cases (unknown for less and to Sacramento, possibly less than $200 per pallet via GSO).

Minimum buy: prefer 48 cases or 64 case minimum, which is a pallet of 3 layers or pallet of 4 layers.

Available to pick up as early as Tuesday Oct 23, just needs to be coordinated.

Contact Amy Hasle
Cell 530-518-9448

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Ask the Winemakers: Barbera & Malbec – Next Steps

Here’s the numbers.  What are the next steps?  Can you help SHW member Roger?  Post a comment below.

A local winery I’ve done some work for gave approximately 75 pounds of Barbera grapes this last weekend. My readings are: Brix 28, pH 5.3, TA .95. I added 1/2 tsp SO2. Any suggestions?

Racked the Malbec this last weekend. My Brix seem to be reading at less than zero. Does that make sense? pH 5.0, TA .75 What should I be doing as we move forward?


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Grapes for Sale: Cabernet Sauvignon – Calaveras County

Lori in Vallecito writes:

Grapes for Sale: delicious Cabernet Sauvignon clone 337 grapes that are just hanging on at 25 brix (Oct 12). Vineyard is located in Calaveras County and was planted in 1999. Vines are on a 6 x 10 spacing with quadrilateral cordons, spur pruned. Last year I did not prune the vines, I needed a break. I pruned this year, but the crew cut it back hard and therefore there is only about 1 ton to the acre.

$0.75 lb. Five gallon bucket ($15) minimum. You pick – bring your friends. If I can, I’ll help.  I have tractor and trailer for macro bins.  No crusher available.

Contact Lori at (209) 753-8928.

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Ask the Winemakers: Fermentation pH, Acid, SO2

Question from a reader who left a message on SHW’s website page,  Ask the Winemakers

“what should I do……… pH 4.08 TA 5.4 VA 0.34 Malic Acid 1.7 Total SO2 20 Free SO2 2 I want to add Tartaric acid, I just don’t know how much so I can decrease my pH. However I also don’t want my TA to rise much more, around 6.0-7.0. Please help!!!!”

“Ooops…. forgot to give more info. I have a small batch of Zin from my backyard, 4.5 gallons.”

SHW mentor Don Koehler responds:

First of all, don’t panic. You are doing ok, with a couple of adjustments. (more…)

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Grapes for Sale: Cab Sauv, Petit Verdot, Malbec – District 11 / Sacramento County


Cab Sauv 10+tons , Petit Verdot 3 tons, Malbec 5 tons , all at 25 Brix,
Grapes are grown in District 11 north of Calvine Road and East of Bradshaw Road in Sacramento County.

You harvest $.50lb.
We harvest $.85 lb.   $.85 includes harvest clean of MOG and delivery (reasonable distance) 50 mile radius.

Typically, we do not crush or destem on site but we may be able to arrange, depending on quantity purchased.

Send inquiries to: or cell: 209-327-7874.
Pacific AG & Vineyard

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Grapes for Sale: Old Vine Primitivo – Plymouth / Shenandoah Valley AVA

Grapes for Sale: Old Vine Primitivo – Plymouth, La Mesa Vineyards (Shenandoah Valley AVA) is doing a last pick of old vine Primitivo on Oct 20. We have about 4-5 tons for sale,

Brix on Oct 8 was 25 pH 3.4-3.5.

You can buy as small as a few hundred lbs or by the half or full ton. These will be picked for you into your macro bin or you can pull from our bin into your smaller bins with a scale to weigh out. You have to be onsite at our vineyard early morning on October 20th. Price $1/lb for <1 ton, $1600/ton >1 ton. This price includes picking.

Contact Come Lague at

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Grapes for Sale: Syrah, Cab Franc, Merlot – Mt. Veeder

Mt. Veeder Syrah, Cab Franc, and Merlot grapes for sale.

1/2 – 3/4 ton of Syrah and 2-3 tons of Cab Franc.   Currently, Syrah is at 24.5 (ready now). Cab Franc at 22.5 (2 weeks out), Merlot at 23 (sometime next week).

All 100% Mt. Veeder. Dry Farmed. $4000/ton. If self-pick, no minimum.  If we pick 1 ton minimum;  we pick and load onto your truck.

Contact:   Peter Rubissow – Rubissow Wines – Mt. Veeder. 707-738-7590

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Grapes for Sale: Cabernet Sauvignon – Lockeford

For sale: about 1.5 tons of Cabernet Sauvignon 338 available for picking soon. The vineyard is located 3 miles north of Lockeford.

Rain knocked it back to 24 Brix but the seeds are brown and nutty. pH is 3.5 as of yesterday. Very nice clusters and fantastic ripening weather. Should go within the next 10 days or so.

$0.75 lb; minimum 150 lbs. Buyer picks. Crusher available for use with prior arrangement. Wines made from prior vintages also available for tasting.

Contact John Bischoff at 209 663-0104.

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Grapes for Sale: Temp, Cab Sauv, Teroldego, PS, Malbec, Grenache – Bokisch/Lodi AVA

Bokisch Vineyards has Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Teroldego, Petite Sirah, Malbec and Grenache for sale. All fruit is within the Lodi AVA. Brix currently at 23-25.

75 cents lb.; 500 lbs. minimum purchase.

Contact Jennifer Daniel at 209 747-1438.

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