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UC Davis Winery Field Trip Full & Writing with Wine

Thanks for your zealous response to the April 28 UC Davis Winery Field Trip.  The tour is full, and there’s already a sizable waiting list so we will not be adding more names to it.  If some space opens up, we’ll let you know.

Also, we posted David Blitstein’s grapes for sale from his Sierra Foothills vineyard in Nevada County.  The minimum purchase has been corrected to read “200 lbs minimum” vs. “2,000 lbs minimum.”  This writer is learning to proofread first before reaching for another glass of wine.



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Grapes for Sale: Tempranillo, Sauvignon Blanc – Nevada County

SHW members David and Marilyn Blitstein  have grapes for sale from their vineyard located in the Sierra foothills in Nevada County at 2,500 ft elevation. Available in the upcoming harvest are 2,500 lbs tempranillo and 1,000 lbs sauvignon blanc. Vines are on 5th leaf.  ETA for tempranillo is mid-September and 3rd week in August for sauvignon blanc.

Petite sirah is sold out this year and along with albariño may be available in 2019 harvest.

$0.70 lb; buyer picks. Minimum 200 lb purchase.

Crusher available on site, $20.

Contact grower David Blitstein directly at 530 615-1297 and


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New Winemakers Finishing Workshop

SHW member J.D. Phelps offers a finishing workshop for new winemakers.  Invited are participants from last year’s New Winemakers Group who made wine from J.D.’s zinfandel and other beginning winemakers who want to learn about finishing their wines before bottling.  J.D. writes:

“Your wines should be waking from their winter naps about now. Temps will start rising during the day and you may see some renewed activity from your wine from either incomplete ML or primary fermentations. Hopefully you have been tasting your wines along the way! Most of you should have a well balanced wine from the numbers standpoint; pH and TA. So, what’s next? What should you do before putting it in a bottle and serving it to friends and family? Or, how can you turn a bronze medal wine into a gold?

Now is the time to start thinking about finishing your wines. This is all about rounding out the wine, ensuring its balance before you put it in bottle. This is where we can address things like tartness or flatness in your wine, too much or too little oak, improving mouthfeel, color and stability, and of course treating any odd things that may have impacted the taste or bouquet of your wine.

For me personally, learning to finish a wine is where I feel I truly became a winemaker. Or at least realized what ingredients and equipment I had available in the kitchen.

I am offering to host a finishing workshop for last year’s New Winemakers (and any newbies since then who may wish to attend?). The workshop will be on Saturday, April 14. We’ll start at 10:30 AM. The location will be 9628 E. Peltier Rd. in Acampo.

Please bring the following:
• Something to share for lunch
• 1 – 750ml bottle of your wine (You will be doing bench trials with it)
• A wine glass
• 1 – 10ml syringe
• 4 to 5 – 50ml Erlenmeyer flasks or beakers (put your initials on them with a sharpie)”

Please RSVP by April 10th to


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Lake County Home Wine and Beer Makers Festival

Greetings from the Lake County Symphony Association’s wine club!

Once again we are holding our annual Home Wine and Beer Makers Festival on June 16th in Library Park in downtown Lakeport, California, starting at 12 noon. We would like to invite any of your home wine makers to participate by hosting their own wine tasting booth. Also, we would encourage you to enter your home made wines in our wine tasting competition. For every wine maker who participates in the wine tasting competition, we will provide a tasting booth as a part of the competition entry fee.

The majority of the proceeds benefit the Lake County Symphony.

Please contact me concerning entry fees/details or for any other questions you may have.

Richard Robinson

530 955-1757


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Grapes for Sale: Cabernet Franc, Mourvédre, Petit Verdot, Petite Sirah – Loomis

Clos du Lac Vineyards in Loomis has for sale cabernet franc, mourvédre, petit verdot, and petite sirah grapes. Half ton minimun order. $1,500 ton. ($.75 lb). These grapes have earned both commercial and home winemakers numerous awards in competition.

For fun, on the morning of the upcoming cab franc harvest, while waiting for our grapes at the scale, Clos du Lac Vineyards is planning to hold an informal competition for any cabernet franc wines made from their grapes, The Clos du Lac management as panelists will judge and award the gold, silver, and bronze winners.

For all cab franc orders, and entries into this competition, please contact Ron Loder at who will be coordinating this group buy.

For more information or to order mourvédre, petit verdot, and petite sirah grapes, contact Debbie at and 916 990-4790.


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UC Davis Winery Field Trip – April 28, 2018

This event is FULL.

Sacramento Home Winemakers has been invited to tour the UC Davis Winery on Saturday, April 28 starting at 10:30 AM.  David Block, chair of the the University’s Department of Viticulture and Enology leads the tour through the winery, barrel room and crushpad.

Afterwards, we’ll take the short trek to the winery home of Marcus and Jenny Meadows-Smith for lunch al fresco (Marcus will be grilling!).  There, we’ll also taste Berryessa Gap Vineyards wines with their winemaker Nicole Salengo. 

Club members Linda Clevenger and Seth Brunner and Marcus and Jenny Meadows-Smith are donating the lunch entrées.  Please bring a luncheon side dish to share, your wine glass and chair, and if desired, a bottle of wine to complement lunch.

Due to space constraints, this event is limited to 25 people; SHW members only please.  $10 per person for wine tasting.

To reserve your spot, email Seth Brunner at  A waiting list will be started when the event reaches capacity.

Many thanks to Seth for arranging this Yolo County day.


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March 21 Meeting – Red Wine Evaluation

See you at Wednesday night’s meeting when we’ll be evaluating red wines. Bring a split or full bottle of any red wine of any vintgage and any winemaker for discussion. Don’t forget to pack a couple of wine glasses for your use, too. At the meeting, we’ll be sharing more details on upcoming SHW events including the April 28 UC Davis winery tour and group buys.


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WineMaker Conference May 17-20 in San Diego

Winemaker magazine reminds us:

The annual WineMaker Conference is returning to California this year and time is running out on deadline of April 2 to register and save $50. WineMaker has a great program over four days planned all for the home winemaker with small-class workshops, seminars, winery tours, and special events. Join WineMaker in San Diego May 17-20 for days packed with winemaking learning and fun. And don’t forget to register by April 2 and save $50!

Click here for full details.

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Corks Available

The ACIC cork order is in! If you are a part of the order, you should have received a notification email from Kevin Lemay.

Two 250-count bags of 1+1 corks are still available for purchase. $33 per bag.

If interested, please contact Cork Coordinator Kevin Lemay at 916 605-6620.

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Grapes for Sale: Syrah and Tannat, Davis / Solano

Grapes for Sale

Approximately 26 tons of syrah and 29 tons of Tannat available.

The vineyard is located in the Davis portion of Solano County.  This vineyard used to produce for Putah Creek Winery which has been awarded Gold & Best in Class of Region for the Syrah and Tannat. New owners purchased the vineyard mid last year. The vineyard is 18 years old and will be using organic methods for this upcoming year.

$2300/ton. Grower picks. Late September- early October anticipated harvest date.
No destemmer-crusher available on premises.
References from previous buyers available.

Please contact Joaquin Fraga at 530-220-3849 or at

Bulk wine available for sale as well:
2017 syrah- 2497 gallons
2017 tannat- 4359 gallons


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