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September 20 (Wednesday) Meeting – Fermentation Frenzy!

Harvest is here!   Most of you have been busy and have someting bubbling away in your winery.  Take an evening off and come to this Wednesday’s SHW meeting when guest speaker Bob Peak talks about wine and other beverages and foods that are created through fermentations.  And you can make them all at home.

Wine, cider, beer, mead, pickles, salumi, cheese, sauerkraut, bread – we’ll be tasting our way through the evening so please bring your wine glass and taste buds.  We’ll talk about both cultivated and wild yeasts.

Bob is a former co-owner of The Beverage People, fermenation specialists, in Santa Rosa.  He is also a contributing writer to WineMaker magazine and judges wine, beer, and vinegars.

The meeting starts at 7:00 pm upstairs at the Turn Verein located at 3349 J Street in midtown Sacramento.  Your help with setting up and cleaning after the meeting is appreciated.  Please consume responsibly.

Contact President Donna Bettencourt with meeting questions;

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Free Grapes: Zinfandel Still Available, You Pick, Woodland Area

Contact Bryan Barrios directly at

Bryan has 200-400 lbs of Zin available to be picked when ready (current Brix 20).  All he’s asking is that all grapes are removed from vines. Woodland area.

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Grapes for Sale: Barbera and Sangiovese, Sloughhouse

Contact Steve Streng directly at 916 612-5157.

We have harvested our Barbera and Sangiovese fruit for our 2017 wines but still have about 500 pounds of Barbera at 25.5 BRIX and 1 1/2 tons of Sangiovese at 25.2 BRIX on the vines. The Sangiovese grapes are 60 cents a pound and the Barbera is 75 cents a pound. They produced Double Gold and Gold medal wines last year and the grapes look even better this year. They are well pruned and easy to pick.

There will be an open house Saturday from 12-3 pm at 13403 Silva Ranch Road in Sloughhouse CA where the award winning wines will be available to taste.


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Grapes for Sale: Primitivo, Shenandoah Valley / Amador County

Contact directly: Côme Lague at 650-218-5207 or

Approxiiatetly 3 tons Primitivo available. $1200/ton. Minimum buy: ½ ton. Scheduled pick on September 23. Bring your bins by 7 a.m.

La Mesa Vineyards is a family owned vineyard located in the Shenandoah Valley. Their Primitivo grows head trained on terraced hillside at about 1900 altitude in rich red volcanic decomposed granite soil. They have approximately 3 tons of excellent quality seconds for sale and picking it September 23.  No destemmer-crusher available.

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Primitivo and Zinfandel Grapes for Sale – Sutter Creek

Contact Breanna Cazadd at 209-217-4252 or Kris Cazadd at 209-283-0154.

We are Cazadd Family Vineyards near Sutter Creek.  We have 7 tons of Primitivo and 5 tons of Zinfandel grapes for sale, hand picked and available for you within the next 12-14 days.  Primitivo brix is currently at 25.2 brix and Zinfandel at 23.5.  Primitivo price is $900 per ton ($450 for half ton) and Zinfandel price is $1000 a ton ($500 for half ton).

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Wanted: Bottling Help

Judy Schuchmann and her husband made wine together and he is now gone. Some of their wine is ready and she asks for help bottling about 33 gallons. She has the bottles and corks along with a filler and corker but isn’t sure how to go about it. She lives in the Citrus Heights area. If you can help Judy, please contact her at 916 735-5941.

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Free Grapes: You Pick, Fiddletown

Contact Bryan directly at 916 255-6292 (8AM – 4:30PM) or 209 296-7746 (after 6PM).

Available for the picking:  Zinfandel with maybe a little Syrah, approximately 100 vines, 12-14 years old, grown at 2,400 feet near Fiddletown.  Brix unknown.

Call Bryan if interested.

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Wanted: Conditioned Space for Two 70-Gallon Flextanks

Contact Keir Keightley directly at 805 268-2085 (text or call).

Wanted: climate controlled space for storing/aging wine. SHW member Keir has no room at his house to store two 70-gallon flextanks and hopes that there is someone or a group that has space to offer.

Please contact Keir with any opportunities.


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You can find the September edition of the The Grapevine Newsletter here….

The Grapevine – September 2017

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Grapes for Sale – Cab Franc and Cab Sauvignon – Napa Valley

Contact Wreatha at if you are interested in reserving these grapes with small deposit. 

Premium Napa Valley Grapes! Amos Olson and Wreatha Duverney are sponsoring a group buy of a Merlot, Cab Fran and Cab Sav from a mature and meticulously maintained Napa Valley vineyard. Last year’s purchase that Amos and Wreatha made produced quality wines consistent with the expectation associated with Napa Valley.  There really is a reason for Napa Valley’s prestige and you can proudly put “Napa Valley” on your own wine label. 

Recognizing that these grapes are more costly, even small amounts for blending purposes will make a noticeable difference in your wine quality. Taking reservations for:

Cab Franc – estimated 650 pounds available at $2.70 per pound

Cab Sav – estimated 500 pounds available at $2.45 per pound

When the pick is ready, the grapes will be delivered and ready for pickup in Roseville. 




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