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Grapes for Sale – Syrah and Zinfandel – Somerset CA

Contact Carey Bailey at: or 925-784-6441.
Carey and Anna Maria Bailey, owners of the Flat Creek Vineyard in the Fair Play district, are offering both Syrah and Zinfandel grapes to home winemakers this Fall at the price of  $750/ton – with the buyer picking the grapes. 
Their 60 acre farm is conveniently located at 2501 Omo Ranch Rd., Somerset, CA 95684 and is meticulously managed by Bill Naylor, a well-known viticulturist and vineyard manager in El Dorado County. 
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Grapes for Sale – Zinfandel and Primitivo – Plymouth, CA

Terry Villegas. 209-245-6685. Plymouth, CA

My husband and I planned a vineyard a few years ago.  There are about a 1000 plants of Zinfandel and Primitivo each.  They were pruned  back for training this year.  Still there may be 1-2 tons of grapes that could be picked.  It would be a You-Pick situation with no crusher stemmer, $0.50 per pound.  10 days ago the Primitivo was at 16 brix and the Zin was at 10 brix   

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FREE, FREE… Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon Grapes – Roseville

Contact Randy Rich at or  702.882.0089 OR 505 720-1824.

Randy has 26 well tended vines of cabernet sauvignon and 22 vines of chardonnay both in their 3rd year.  Both grapes are nearly ready to harvest especially the Chardonnay.

Brix needs to be measured asap it may be time. Randy is unable to make wine this year and needs to find a good home for his grapes. The vineyard is in the Morgan Creek Golf/Roseville area. 

Please contact Randy asap if interested. 

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Grapes for Sale: Nebbiolo (Part of the Group Buy, can’t take them)

Contact: Wesley S Cable (P) 916-621-1237 or

I have 200 lbs of Nebbiolo that I was going to purchase as part of the group buy and I am hoping someone can buy those.  Can you put something out to the group asking if anyone wants to buy them?  It costs $170.00 for the 200 lbs. 


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New Temporary Contact for Rental of Club Presses and Scales

While Craig and Jacque are out of town on vacation (September 2-18), please contact Donna Bettencourt at donnab1045@gmail (916-454-5487) if you would like to rent either one of the clubs 2 presses or the scales.  

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Grapes for Sale: Zinfandel and Chardonnay – Lodi

Contact Tamara Maren directly if interested: 209 327-2839

Tamara has 5 tons of Lodi Zinfandel for sale. The zin is at 18 brix right now, so Tamara estimates will be a few weeks until they’re ready to pick. The price is $400 a ton, or 20 cents a pound. No minimum required. (This is an update from the original post.)

She also has have about a ton and a half of chardonnay that is ready to be picked right now. They are also $400 a ton and she advises that they look beautiful.

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Port Grapes for Sale: Souzao and Touriga Nacional – Loomis

Contact Don Koehler at 916 652-8795 or

SHW member Don Koehler has Souzao and Touriga Nacional grapes for sale for $0.65/lb.; you pick. 400 – 500 lbs total, in a 60/40 ratio. Destemmer/crusher available for your use. Prefer to sell both at once. The grapes are clean and netted in a well-managed vineyard in Loomis. Good for Port, or they make an excellent dry wine when blended together. Should be ready in 2 – 3 weeks.

Contact Don directly if interested.

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Grapes for Sale: Zinfandel – Lodi

Contact Tamara Maren directly at 209 327-2839.

Tamara has 4-5 tons of Lodi zinfandel for sale at $400 a ton. The grapes are looking good!

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Grapes for Sale: Sauvignon Blanc – Clarksburg AVA

Contact Paul Baldwin directly at 916-425-4763.

SHW members Paul & Nancy Baldwin have Sauvignon Blanc ready to pick this weekend. The grapes are beautiful and will make a delicious white wine.

24 brix (percent sugar). You pick for .50 cents a pound. They’ll provide picking boxes, clippers, crusher-destemmer, and press. Just bring your containers such as carboys. Located in South Sacramento County near I-5 and Lambert Rd.

Call Paul at P & N Enterprises to reserve grapes and a picking time weekend or during the week.

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Harvest Dinner Cancelled

The Harvest Dinner scheduled for this Saturday, August 26th, has been cancelled.  The minimum number of attendees required by Frasinetti’s was not met.  Members who signed up will be contacted and a full refund of their payment made.

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