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Grapes for Sale: Cabernet Sauvignon – Davis (Group Buy or Individual Buy)

Contact directly Seth Brunner at for the group buy, or Marcus or Jenny at and 203 558 1957 if interested in purchasing Cabernet Sauvignon.

Jenny Meadows-Smith writes:
Our Cabernet Sauvignon grapes are currently at 23 BRIX. We are forecasting to pick the grapes for the SHW group buy organized by Seth on Saturday, September 2nd (it is possible it will be delayed until Saturday, September 9th as we are targeting to pick at 24.5 BRIX).

We still have a few tons of grapes unsold, so if there are other members looking for Cabernet Sauvignon, please contact Marcus or Jenny.

The grapes are grown under the supervision of Mike Anderson and Nate Kane, who are the respectively the former and current head viticulturalists for UC Davis vineyards in Napa (Oakville) and Davis. They have managed the irrigation, pruning and thinning to produce the highest quality grapes. The grapes will be picked by Servin-Lopez from Napa who pick for many of the famous vineyards in Napa, as well as Marcus and me.

We grow 9 acres of grapes: Cab S, Zinfandel, Petite Sirah, Malbec, Chardonnay and Roussanne. Our soils are silt-loam and clay-loam, similar to the soils in the Napa valley floor. We benefit from the delta breeze to ensure we have cool nights, and obviously we get the hot days in Davis, for growing very good grapes for producing fine wines. Andy, Seth and Linda, and several commercial wineries used our Cab S grapes last year.

Saturday is the preferred day for the group buy organized by Seth, but if anyone wants to pick their own grapes then they could pick on a different day. The price is the same picked or self-picked at $1,600 per ton.

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Grapes for Sale: Primitivo – Fiddletown

Contact Cheryl Speed at 209 321-3310 directly if interested.

Bill and Cheryl Speed have for sale about 1 1/2 tons of primitivo grapes from a 5-year old vineyard.

Price would be about $2,000 a ton. Grapes will all need to be picked at the same time. The vineyard is located a few miles east of the town of FIddletown just off Fiddletown road.


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August 16 Meeting Recap

What a fun night we had a last evening’s SHW meeting! Thanks to everyone who brought wines, winery ideas, and gadgets, welcoming our newest members and guests, supporting SHW activities, and interacting with the businesses who support SHW.

Forgot to make reservations for the August 26 Harvest Dinner at Frasinetti’s? You have until August 23 – find the reservation form in the August 2017 newsletter.

Congrats to Edward Hyde, a new SHW member, for purchasing the winning ticket for the 30-gallon Titan barrel raffle. Titan Barrel Works is extending a 15% discount to SHW members. Many thanks to Titan Barrel Works for their donation and to Thad Rodgers for coordinating the donation.

If you didn’t make it to the Brewmeister winemaking supplies table, they have several stores in the greater Sacramento area.

Your ideas and comments help shape your club. Board members and coordinators heard many suggestions from you last night – please keep the feedback coming and consider volunteering for a leadership role with SHW.  President Donna Bettencourt can be reached at

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Grapes for Sale: Zinfandel, Orangevale

Contact via text or phone, Jim Phelan, 916/243-8274 or email 

SHW member, Jim Phelan, has 1000-1200 pounds of Zinfandel grapes produced from 5-year old trellised vines.  The current Brix reading is 20; anticipate they will be ready to harvest in 2-3 weeks.  Asking 65 cents/pound (you pick) and would prefer to sell in one lot.  If a buyer has containers, we can crush/destem on site for an additional 10 cents/pound.

This one-acre vineyard is located in Orangevale and is carefully monitored and maintained. 

If interested, please contact Jim directly.

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Last Chance Harvest Dinner :Reserve by August 23, 2017

2017 SHW Harvest Dinner
Saturday, August 26
5:00 PM Wine/Appetizers – 6:30 PM Buffet
Frasinetti’s Winery and Restaurant
7395 Frasinetti Road – Sacramento

The SHW Harvest dinner is a great opportunity to relax and enjoy a casual evening
with fellow winemakers. Bring your harvest stories and wines to pair with Frasinetti’s
Vintners Buffet!

Assorted Pinwheel Wraps
Mixed Green Salad – Fresh Seasonal Fruits – Assorted Breads – Penne Napoleon
Pasta – Rigatoni Tuscano – Grilled Chicken Marsala – Braised Beef Delmonico –
Seasonal Vegetables – Dessert/Coffee
Complimentary Corkage – No Host Bar Available

$40 SHW members – $45 non-SHW members

Cut here ———————————————————————————
2017 SHW Harvest Dinner Reservations
Please make your reservations by August 15th.
Complete this form and mail, along with your check to: Treasurer Jacque Brown *
1616 Berkeley Way * Sacramento 95819
Questions? Please contact Sue Summersett:
Print Your Name(s) __________________________________
Phone Number _________________________
_____ SHW Member(s) Attending @ $40 ______
_____ Non-SHW Member Attending @ $45_____
$______ Total Remittance

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Grapes to Trade for Wine

Contact Randy Rich at or 505 720-1824.

Randy has 26 vines of cabernet sauvignon and 22 vines of chardonnay in their 3rd leaf. 

He wants to make wine from his vineyard’s fruit but life sometimes gets in the way. Thus, Randy is looking to partner with a winemaker to make wine from his grapes and split the yield 50/50.  He’d also like to occasionally look in on the wine to learn the winemaking process.  The vineyard is in the Morgan Creek/Roseville area.

Please contact Randy directly if interested.

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August 16, 2017 SHW Meeting

Hey!   Dismantle the most innovative part of your winery and bring it to this Wednesday’s Gadgets, Gizmos and Barter.  This is the meeting where you get to show off the ideas you’ve put into place to make your winery work for you. 

Too big to drag through the door?  Take a picture of it and display it on a photo board or set up a digital slide show.  We’ll have the projector and a PC at the meeting.

Bring your wine things to barter – old winemaking magazines, too many of whatever you don’t use.

Bring your wine to trade!

Bring a quarter-zize photo of you and take home something that’s very usable.  Prez Donna has a fun project for everyone. 

If you ordered crush T-shirts, Bob Peake will bring them to the meeting so remember to pick up yours from him.  Didn’t get around to ordering a shirt?  Bob will have extra order forms.

The Harvest Dinner is on August 26 at Frasinetti’s Winery in Sacramento.  We’re extending the RSVP date to Wednesday so please bring your checkbooks or cash.  Reservation forms can be found in the August newsletter here.

The 30-gallon Titan barrel that we’re raffling at Wednesday’s meeting is en route.  This new barrel concept boasts a stainless body with wood heads and stave inserts.  We’re selling tickets at $5 each or 5 for $20.  Thank you for supporting SHW!

Wednesday’s meeting starts at 7pm upstairs at the Turn Verein located at 3349 J Street.  Remember to bring your wine glass and please consume responsibly.

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Sacramento’s Legends of Wine Event Seeks Volunteers

The Sac Event Crew is looking for volunteers to support September’s Farm-to-Fork events, including, Legends of Wine, on the West Steps of the Capitol, (Sept. 14th), F2F Festival on Capitol Mall, (Sept. 23rd) and the Tower Bridge Dinner, (Sept. 24th).

Some volunteer opportunities have already been posted with much more to come. Don’t miss out! Sign up early and often,


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Grapes for Sale: Zinfandel – Loomis

Contact  Steve Kies directly at cell phone 339-440-2424 if interested.

See Steve’s original post for more details.

The remaining 600 lbs of award winning Zin are now at 17* Brix and getting riper. Estimating picking date in next two weeks. It’s not too late to call and reserve yours.

200 lbs minimum, you pick, $.75 lb., deposit required.

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Grapes for Sale: Viognier – Shenandoah Valley in Amador Foothills

Contact Côme Lague directly if interested: 650 218-5207 or

La Mesa Vineyards is a family owned vineyard located in the Shenandoah Valley. Their Viognier (FPS-01) grows on trellis and terraced hillside at about 1900 altitude in rich red volcanic decomposed granite soil.

They have about a half ton available expected to be ready early September. They will arrange for picking for you to take away to crush. Price $850.

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