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Group Buy: Neutral Grape Spirits

Contact Donna Bettencourt at

Are you planning on making port this year? It takes about 1 gallon of spirits to 4 gallons of partially fermented wine to make 5 gallons of an 18% alcohol port.

If so, are you interested in a group buy of 190 proof neutral grape spirits?

The Organic Alcohol Company in Oregon sells 1 gallon containers at $$230 per gallon, inclusive of shipping and taxes, but 4.5 gallon containers for about $130 per gallon after tax and shipping. Under Ca law one person cannot buy more than 5 gallons without a permit which can take 90 days.

If you are interested, contact Donna Bettencourt.


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Order Crush T-Shirts by July 30

Time flies! If you haven’t yet ordered your 2017 SHW crush T-shirt, you still can. Find the details here.

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Final Invitation: Group Buys for Nebbiolo, Aglianico and Barbera

Contact J.D. Phelps at and 916 295-9121.

J.D. Phelps is coordinating group buys or nebbiolo, aglianico and barbera.  The cut-off date for participation in these groups is August 6.  Currently, he has the following individuals accounted for in each group: 


Name / lbs

JD Phelps 500 

Nik Stevens 300 

Sonia Baron 1,000 

Kevin Ferns 200 

Sue Summersett 300 

Chris Ernst 250 

Jose Orozco 250 

Andy Baumbauer 600 

David Heinrich 125 

Terry Piazza 300 

Don Vinson 500 

Nic Thomsic 350 

Richard Mirabella 300 

David Chiorini 300 

Tom Gerber 300  



Name /  lbs

JD Phelps         500 

Ed Spitzer         250 

Richard Mirabella 300 

Nick Thomsic         800 

Don Vinson         250 

Chris Ernst         250 

Tom Gerber         300 

David Heinrich         250 

Airen Patterson 125  



Name / lbs

JD Phelps 500 

Don Vinson 1,000 

Tom Gerber 300 

Terry Piazza 200 

If you spoke to J.D. about getting any of these varietals and your name is not on the list(s) above, he does not have you down to get fruit. He may not have received your contact info or a confirmation of how much you wanted. Please get a hold of him ASAP at to let him know what varietal and how much you would like.

If you are interested in J.D.’s Lodi Zinfandel, you can let J.D. know literally up to crush. Please see here for the details.


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SHW’s Income/Expense Statement, July 21, 2017

Contact President Donna Bettencourt at

Stay informed about your club.  Click on the link to view SHW’s income/expense statement as of July 21, 2017:  SHW Profit – Loss Inflow – Outflow Jan. 1 – July 21, 2017 (1)

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Grapes for Sale: Assorted Reds, Lodi

Contact (text or call) Amy Papathanasis at 209 747 9221 or email

Thomas Allen Selections in Lodi has grapes for sale.

Cabernet Franc             $1200.00               Sangiovese               $925.00

Cabernet Sauvignon    $1225.00               Syrah                         $1075.00

Carignane                     $900.00                  Souzao                      $1200.00

Malbec                          $1200.00               Tempranillo              $1200.00

Merlot                           $1125.00                Old Vine Zinfandel   $1300.00

Petite Sirah                   $1350.00

 All prices are FOB ROADSIDE.  If fruit needs to be picked up at our cold house – an EXTRA $250.00

Per Ton will be charged.




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The 2017 Barbera Festival Seeks Volunteers

The Barbera Festival is on September 16, 2017 at Tera d’ Oro Winery in Plymouth in Amador County. The festival is still looking for a few more volunteers.

More about The Barbera Festival can be found here.  Proceeds benefit the Amador Community Foundation.

If you’re interested in volunteering for this event, please click on this link.


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Sonoma Valley Uncorked – Sonoma Home Winemakers

Sonoma Home Winemakers (the other SHW) invites Sacramento Home Winemakers to their 2nd annual “Sonoma Valley Uncorked” on September 17, 2017.  Sonoma Home Winemakers will be pouring their wines while event goers enjoy food and music.  Proceeds support Sonoma Plaza Kiwanis and Sonoma Valley Mentoring Alliance.  Please see this link for tickets and more information.

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Last Week! Sign Up to Volunteer at State Fair Home Winemaking Booth

SHW is still seeking volunteers to staff the home winemaking booth at the California State Fair which runs through July 30.

Volunteers will be provided a complimentary fair admission ticket and parking pass for each day they volunteer which also entitles them to enjoy the fair before and/or after their shift is completed.  Please follow the directions on the sign-up page.


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2017 Crush Shirts – Order By July 30

Limited Edition 2017 SHW crush T-shirts are available for order only for a short time. 

Don’t mess up your fave work shirt.   These crush T-shirts are designed to withstand brix up to 35 and temperatures into the 100s plus deflect MOG.

Get shirts not only for you but also for your crush crew.  Be proud wearing a grape-stained SHW crush shirt during harvest to match your grape-stained hands.  Nothing better starts a conversation in the grocery check-out line, especially when you’re buying a 12-pack of something cold.

Available in purple and grey with choice of lettering colors and front-only printing. 

The “limited” means we’re doing this only once this harvest.  Send in your order with check by July 30, 2017 for delivery at the August 18 SHW meeting. Please use this form:  2017 Crush T Order Form BP.

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Grapes for Sale: Reds – Jamestown

Contact Kirk Carroll at 510 304-7558.

Arthur Michael Vineyards and Winery, 14670 Hiway 108, Jamestown, CA. 95327, has 24 tons Primitivo,  and 1 ton each of Zin, Petite Sirah, Barbera, Sangiovese and Cabernet for sale.

Price is; $1,700 a ton for Petite Sirah, Barbera, Cabernet Sauvignon and $1,500 a ton for Primitivo, Zin and Sangiovese.  No minimums.

Prefer to have buyers pick but if need be we will pick. Discount if buyers pick.  Crusher-destemmer available on site. Additional cost to use.

Anticipated harvest is late August, thru beginning of Sept.

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