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Tri Mark Kitchen Supply – 30% SHW Discount

In case you haven’t discovered them, Tri Mark Commercial Kitchen Supply in Sacramento offers 30% off of purchases for Sacramento Home Winemakers (thank you SHW member Tiffany Van Dyke for bringing this to our attention!).

So, you ask, why would I shop at a restaurant supply warehouse for winemaking items?  Consider food-grade fermenters of various capacities, or super-sized mashed potato smashers used as punch down tools, or food-safe funnels, sieves, long-handled stainless steel server-sized spoons for stirring your port (stir for at least 15 minutes after adding the fortifier), and other kitchen-restaurant items you might creatively use in your winemaking.

Tri Mark is a toy land for cooks whether your creations are created inside the house or torched on the barbie.  This may be the time to take inventory not only in your winery but your kitchen, too.

30% off purchases.

Tell them you’re a member of Sacramento Home Winemakers and give them the secret code:  916 217-0294.  This also happens to be Gin Yang’s cell number … she has no recollection how her cell number became the secret code …

TriMark Economy Commercial Kitchen Supply

415 Richards Blvd.

Sacramento, CA 95811

Wonder if we could convince TriMark to stock destemmer-crushers and bladder presses…

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Winemaking Items for Sale – Used Barrels and Wine Bottles

Contact Fred Dick at 415 515-1379 or

Urbano Cellars in Berkeley has cased wine bottles and very used barrels for sale.

Bottles for sale – odd lots $5.00/case $500 for all 126 cases

Shape Mold # Color Quantity/cases
Burgundy BC1A Antique Green 6
Burgundy PBM1A Antique Green 7
Burgundy PBC1A Antique Green 5
Burgundy VTTR1F Flint 9
Bordeaux CA1A Antique Green 21
Bordeaux VTF01A Antique Green 8
Bordeaux FR1A Antique Green 47
Bordeaux CA1F Flint 12
Hock 8235 Flint 6
Mixed various various 5

The barrels are well used 10-15 years old, AK- American oak.  We now have 8 left, $70 each, discount on quantity.

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Winemaking Items for Sale

Contact : George R Smith at E-mail

I  have 2- 30 Gallon Flextanks each $ 100.00 ; Hanna Ph Meter $ 20.00 ; Refractometer $ 35.00.  Also a 5 gallon pail with 1 gallon measurements, 3 Glass Carboys – 5 Gal. $ 25 each ; 1 -3 gal glass carboy ; and one 2 1/2 gal $ 15 each.  Happy Wine making !

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Grapes for Sale – Zinfandel and Petite Sirah – Fiddletown

Please contact Chik Brenneman at or 530 979-0342.

Grapes for sale – in 10-14 days there will be the possibility of up to two tons each of high quality Zinfandel and Petite Sirah from the Fiddletown area. Price for either is $1600 per ton. It would be best to allocate in 500# lots (depending on the level of interest).   The grapes are currently around 22 Brix.

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Grapes for Sale – Old Vine Zinfandel – Lodi

Contact SHW member J.D. Phelps, or 916 295-9121.

Premium Zinfandel still available.  Crop from 50-year old vines in Lodi near Mokelumne River and Peltier.  Vineyard is professionally managed by Todd Williams, vineyard manager for Lodi’s St. Amant Winery.

Brix currently 24.5, ph 3.45, TA 7.0. It’s ready now.   50 cents / lb; you pick.  No  destemmer-crusher available.


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Grapes for Sale – Barbera, Weimar and I-80

Contact Dave Erickson at

Approximately 300-350 pounds of barbera that’s close to 25 brix August 29 for sale.  $0.75 lb; crusher available.  Grown at Weimar Cross and I-80 at 2,250 feet elevation. 


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Free Barrel Racks

Contact Berry Crawford at  510 508-4434 or

Free barrel racks available. Used. Fits two 225 litre/60 gal barrels. Single bar.

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TASTE – University of California Davis Fundraiser

Additional event and ticket information can be found at this link.

To donate wines for the event, contact Seth Brunner at

TASTE is an annual UC Davis fundraiser that celebrates local wines, beer, and food.  The event is on Saturday, October 1, 4-6pm.  Enjoy unlimited tastes while strolling through the Good Life Garden accompanied by live music.

You’ll also have the opportunity to bid on fine wines.  Proceeds go toward supporting students in the departments of Viticulture  and Enology, and Food Science and Technology.

The UC Davis Viticulture and Enology Department partners with SHW providing educational opportunities related to viticulture, wine making and wine appreciation.  SHW has again been invited to pour at this event.  If you would like to donate wines to be poured, please contact Seth Brunner.

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Grapes for Sale – Syrah – Shenandoah Valley

Contact Steve Tumbas, Tumbas Vineyards at 209-245-3142 or

We still have about 3 tons of excellent, mature Syrah available for sale.  This vineyard was planted in 2000.  It is owner tended, trellised and will be hand harvested.  We are expecting to harvest around Sept 9 – 16, 2016.  We are happy to sell to home winemakers in lots of 500 lbs or more.  Our price for small lots, under one ton, is 80 cents a pound, picked for you. A crusher stemmer is available for use.

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Grapes for Sale – Sauvignon Blanc – Geyserville, Sonoma County

Contact Dwight Monson at or 415 265-5630.

Sauvignon Blanc grapes from Geyserville in Sonoma County, estimated to be available in very early September. $0.75 lb/$1,500 ton, picked.  It’s a beautiful drive to Geyserville.

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