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Mourvedre… Are YOU In?? A New Group Buy

Call Bruce Curry at: (916) 448-4244

OK …It missed the “list on the wall” as a potential “Group Buy” several meetings ago, but it is still on if we can get enough Club members interested: Bruce Curry (Club Wine Chemistry Tester) has identified a source of Mourvedre grapes from a vineyard in El Dorado County through a friend and commercial wine maker there.  He has committed to at least 1000# of grapes and we may be able to get 1500# to 2000# if there is enough demand.   This vineyard regularly sells their Mourvedre to commercial wineries, but we are able get some at a reasonable price and availability for SHW.  Bruce will need someone with a truck and or trailer to haul the grapes.  Availability date is still unknown.  Price should be $1400. to $1600. per ton, but that is not firm this early in the season.  Mourvedre was not one of the grapes that were originally posted on the wall at the meeting, but they are essential for making a GSM blend.


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Grapes for Sale – Organic Viognier, Mouvedre, Syrah, Calaveras

Contact Tyler Smith at 614 940-3130 or

Tyler Smith has a small family vineyard in the Foothill District, Calaveras County AVA, in Fricot City by the old ranch school.  The grapes have been made into wine for the Krames Family label until this year under a custom crush contract from Lavender Ridge Winery in Murphys. The wines are spectacular, and are available for purchase.

Buyer ideally picks, though I would offer to pick at additional cost, or help pick free of charge when convenient for me and my wife.  We manage the vineyard ourselves. It’s about 3 acres, though planted as if a 5 acre vineyard.  Tight spacing, southern exposure, and low-vigor rootstocks make for some very intense flavors.  The vines themselves are about 15 years old, and looking great. They are farmed organically, with the only chemical used being sulphur to control the powdery mildew.  Would like to sell no less than 1/4 ton at a time.

Expected yield and pick time:

3 tons Viognier: End of Aug/Beginning of Sept, depending on summer
3 tons Syrah: Mid of Sept to Early Oct
2 tons Mourvedre: End of Sept to Mid Oct.

Reds are priced at $1,700/ton and whites at $1,600/ton.

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Grapes for Sale: Old Vine Zinfandel, Lodi

Contact SHW member J.D. Phelps, or 916 295-9121, for individual grape purchases.

Contact Gin Yang, or 916 217-0294, if you would like to coordinate or participate in a group buy.

40 tons of  premium Zinfandel available.  Crop from 50-year old vines in Lodi near Mokelumne River and Peltier.  Vineyard is professionally managed by Todd Williams, vineyard manager for Lodi’s St. Amant Winery.  Grapes are picked by professional crew.  Approximately $1,500 ton.

This is a prime opportunity for a SHW group buy.  Destemmer-crusher available for group purchases.


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Grapes for Sale – Various Varietals, Herald

Contact Gary Palmero at 916 717-8492 and palmerofamily

SHW members Gary and Melody Palmero are the owners of the former Cresci Vineyards in Herald.  This harvest, they have available for sale 5 tons of Cabernet Sauvignon, 2 1/2 tons of Petite Sirah, 1 1/2+ tons each of Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, and French Colombard, and 1/2 ton of Sauvignon Blanc.

Price range from 4o to 63 cents per pound depending on quantity purchased and who picks.  Harvest may start as early as late July.


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Organoleptic Compounds of Wine – April 20, 2016 Slide Presentation

As promised by Matt DiVisconte, Lodi Labs manager and guest speaker at SHW’s April 20, 2016 meeting, below is the link to his Power Point presentation: Organoleptic Compounds of Wine.

Remember your SHW Website is constantly updated and there are lots of resources there, so go on and look around some time! You might find exactly what you need to know.

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2016 Jubilee Wine Competition Results

Wow!  What a fierce competition this Jubilee was!  Here’s the numbers:

15 judges/5 panels.  11 cellar rats.  2 assistant cellar masters.  4 hospitality techs.  2 data gurus. 1 data runner.  5 judging clerks.  2 head clerks. 1 cellar master. 1 chief judge.  40 entrants.

156 entries. 17 whites.  125 reds. 7 roses/blushes.  2 fruits/exotics. 5 dessert/fortifieds.

3 Best of divisions.  9 Double-Golds.  30 Golds.  67 Silvers.  33 Bronzes. 1 Best of Show.

Want more numbers?   2 whites earned double-gold or gold.  1 dessert/fortified earned gold.  No golds in the rose/blush and fruit divisions.  No sparklers were entered in the sparkling wine division.  4 judges each simultaneously tasted 36 reds double-golds and golds to arrive at Best of Division – Red.

Click on the link below for a complete list of the entries and results.  If you would like to order extra ribbons (at cost), please do so by this Thursday, May 19; contact Gin Yang at 916 217-0294 or  We are planning for the ribbons to arrive in time at the June 15 SHW meeting.

Thank you for entering your wines and congrats!

2016 SHW Jubilee Wine Competition Results


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Something to do Saturday?? Lodi Zin Fest

Call/text John Wong, SHW Member at 916-531-7150

I have 4 extra tickets for the Lodi Zin Fest (best event! 200 wines, 40 restaurants, wine classes, cooking classes, etc) $45/each ($65 at gate)


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The Grapevine Newsletter May 2016

The Grapevine – May 2016

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158 Bottles of SHW Best Award Winning wines???

OK it really is 158 Bottles of wine on the table (not a measlie 100) for the Jubilee and if you haven’t paid, postmarked TODAY, you are out, or in at a much higher price???

Don’t think that the Jubilee is in June as in the past!! It is May15!!! The 2016 SHW Jubilee Wine Competition is Saturday, May 14, 2016, so the Jubilee Picnic will be Sunday, May 15, 2016

Mark your calendars. The Picnic location will be Judy Pinegar’s Back Yard and Barn as in past years. The actual picnic/BBQ will begin at 1 PM with the main course planned for about 2:30 PM.

The club will provide BBQ meat, Chili Beans, French bread, and lots of water. All wines from the competition will be available for tasting, including the Golds and Best of Shows.

Please bring a dish to share at the potluck: appetizer, salad, entree, or dessert according to the following list based of your last name (first initial):

A – G = Desserts

H –O = Salads or Sides (please large dishes – note no chili beans!)

P– Y = Appetizers

Remember to bring your wine glasses.
For those of you who are new to the event, Judy’s place has 2 ½ acres with room to explore nature in the summer. Some of Judy’s lawn chairs are available, but club members should bring their own lawn chairs, blankets, or whatever if they want to be sure to have a place to sit on the lawn under the trees. The swimming pool also will be open, so bring your suit, hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses (if it is warm enough!). The event is great fun, lawn games will be available, and the party sometimes goes until dark… so plan on making a day of it! Children and guests are welcome!

Make Your Reservations Early! Like print this next part NOW and mail it!!

Location  9196 Vista Ct, Loomis, CA 95650, Judy Pinegar: (916) 224-6742

May 15, 2016 – SHW Jubilee Picnic Reservations

  • The cost is $12 per SHW member (price reduction from last year) and $16 per non SHW member if you reserve by Thursday May 5th, 2016 Jubilee Date: May 15; Time 1 PM
  • After that date, picnic reservations are $22 and $26 respectively.
  • Absolute Cut Off date is Tuesday, May 10, 2016.
  • Children under 13 are free!

Please reserve space and pay in advance, so we can order the correct quantities of Meat!! The club will provide BBQ meat, Chili Beans, French bread, and lots of water. Check the announcement for what YOU need to bring!

Send your money along with the reservation form below:

__ __ __ __ __ __ __ Cut here an Mail_ _ __ _ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __

YES! I will be attending the Jubilee Picnic and Wine Tasting:

Name(s) ________________________________

Reserving by May 5, 2016

____Number of Members @ $12 per person

____Number of NON Members @ $16 per person

____Number of children under 13 (free)

Reserving between May 5 and May 10, 2016

 ____Number of Members @ $22 per person

____Number of NON Members @ $26 per person

____Number of children under 13 (free)

Send form and check to:

Jacque Fabian Brown, SHW Treasurer

1616 Berkeley Way, Sacramento, CA 95819

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2016 California State Fair Home Wine Competition Results

The 2016 California State Fair Home Wine Competition was held yesterday at Cal Expo.

Thanks to the competition’s coordinators Rebecca and Tom Ramme for again organizing a long and complicated process and making it look so easy!

Kudos to the SHW crew assisting in the competition for their hard work weeks leading up to game day:  driving around northern California picking up entries, checking in bottles, flighting almost 1,000 entries, assembling data packages, working in the cellar, behind the curtain, and on the competition floor.  Thanks to Henry Wilkinson for coordinating the team.

And speaking of kudos – hey, did SHW do well in this coveted competition?  Check it out for yourself:  2016 CA State Fair Home Wine Judgding Final Results.

Congrats to SHW members wines that earned medals:  Andy Bambauer, Stan Barrett, Fermando Berton, Donna Bettencourt, Seth Brunner & Linda Clevenger, Carl Brust, Larry & Beth Carducci, Bruce Currie, Danette & Ron Davis, Kevin Ferns, Jim Garrett, Terry Harper, Michael Harris, David Hicks, Rex Johnston, Don Koehler, Lucas Laubaugh, Jim Margolis, Joe McGillivray, Fred Millar, Pilar Millar, Tom Montgomery, Ryan Murphy, J.D. Phelps, Alan Piccardo, Judy Pinegar, Erik Porse, Tom Ramme, Jerry Roark, Brad Sanborn, Bill Seward, Shannon Shackelford, Ed Shepard, Jay Shepherd, Mike Skeels, Steve Streng, Sue Summersett, Stephen Tankersley, Steve Thomas, Paul VerWey, Don Vinson, Henry Wilkinson, and Dean Yomogida.

Congrats x 2 to SHW members  whose wines earning Double-Golds:  Donna Bettencourt, Seth Brunner & Linda Clevenger, Carl Brust, Jim Garrett, David Hicks, Rex Johnston, Fred Millar, and Stephen Tankersley.

Congrats x 3 to SHW members wines that captured Best of Class:  Donna Bettencourt, Jim Garrett, David Hicks, and Fred Millar.

The competition’s highest awards, Best of Show, are awarded in three categories:  White; Red; and Sweet & Other.  This year’s Best of Show Sweet & Other award was earned by SHW member Fred Millar for his 2011 Portuguese Blend Port!  Ask to see his Golden Bear!


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