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For Sale – Two 6-Gallon Glass Carboys

Contact Sue Summersett at or  916 354-2050.

Sue has 2 6-gallon glass carboys for sale.  $12 each.

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Group Buy – Corks

Please contact Tom Montgomery at

If you are interested in purchasing corks, SHW member Tom Montgomery is facilitating a cork purchase from ACIC Cork and Closures.

Corks are purchased and priced in lots of #1000 however, ACIC is allowing us to split at $4/split.  If ACIC does the split, the corks are packaged and gassed in the quantity ordered.


Here’s the pricing (in lots of 1000):

Naturetop (1+1/bi-disc) – $110

Natural cork AC-3 (Solid 45mm) – $265

Natural cork AC-2 (Solid 45mm) – $312

I have used both the Naturetop and AC-3 with good results.  I may try the AC-2 this year.

How to order and pay:

Email me your order per cork type in increments of 250, 500, 1000.

I will charge you an additional $2 for any 250 or 500 order.

As an example, if you need:

250 Naturetops, It will cost ($110/4)+$2 = $27.50 plus tax

250 AC-3 will cost you ($265/4)+$2 = $68.25 plus tax

You will pay when you pick up your corks.  I like cash.


Last day to order – 1/29/2016

Order Submitted – 2/1/2016

Corks available for pickup from my residence – 2/7/2016

I will bring any corks not picked up to the 2/17 meeting.

All dates and split charges could mildly deviate depending on the number of people and quantity of corks are purchased.

Group buy is available for SHW members only.


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Bottle Talk with Rick and Paul

Vice President Donna Bettencourt has found some fun stuff.

Rick Kushman and Paul Wagner and two crazy guys who know a lot and talk a lot about wine.  Rick’s a journalist and co-chief judge of the California State Fair wine competitions.  Paul is a wine industry guy who is focused on wine marketing.  Their show is called “Bottle Talk with Rick and Paul” and the programs can be streamed.  Click here to hear what they’re up to.

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The Grapevine – January 2016

The Grapevine – January 2016

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Need Bottles? Glass Buy from West Coast Bottles

Contact Donna Bettencourt at

Vice President Donna Bettencourt is coordinating a glass buy from West Coast Bottles for 750 ml medium punt red Bordeaux, and 500 mg medium punt red bordeaux.  Price is anticipated about $9 per case.  Interested?  Send Donna an email by the end of this week.


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For Sale: Winemaking Items

Contact Joy Smathers at or 916-487-5120.

For Sale:
2 – 5 gallon Food grade plastic Better Bottles $15.00 each
2 – 3 gallon glass carboys $ 8.00 each
1 – 3 gallon Food grade plastic Better Bottle $ 8.00
6 – 1 gallon glass bottles $ 1.00 each

Good Condition


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