2016 Group Buys & Variety Focus Groups

This is where you’ll find variety focus groups, group buys, or members looking to participate in a partial purchase of grapes.  Check back often a couple of months before and during harvest.


VARIETY FOCUS GROUPS – learn about and make an identified variety

Beginning Winemakers Zinfandel – this is a mentored group crush designed for new and very novice winemakers only.  SHW sources the grapes, the group crushes and cleans-up together, winemakers ferment independently, and may press in smaller group or independently.  SHW mentors guide you through the process.  Minimum quals:  participated in SHW’s Winemaking 101 or equivalent; must be certified to use SHW winemaking equipment (training provided in Winemaking 101); have own winemaking supplies and small tools; purchase a minimum of 125 lbs. of grapes (equivalent to +/- 2 cases of finished wine); and current SHW member.  Variety:  Zinfandel from old vines living in Lodi.  When:  a Saturday during harvest.  Contact:  Cellar Master Henry Wilkinson at hbwilkinson@jps.net.


GROUP BUYS – generally with no mentorship or large winemaking equipment available

Sangiovese –  contact Andy Bambauer at 916-798-0137 or andrewbambauer@yahoo.com.

Join our Sangiovese group buy!  The grapes come from Bray Vineyards in Shenandoah Valley and have been used to make plenty of gold and double-gold wines.  Take some or all of the remaining 600 lbs at $0.80/lb.

Barbera – contact Shannon Shackelford  at shan_shackelford@yahoo.com and 916-317-0558.  Shaker Ridge Vineyards. 85 cents per lb.  950 lbs available.  This group is also looking for a group leader.  More info here.

Mourvedre – contact Bruce Curry:  (916) 448-4244 and blcurrie56@hotmail.com.

Bruce Curry (Club Wine Chemistry Tester) has identified a source of Mourvedre grapes from a vineyard in El Dorado County through a friend and commercial wine maker there.  He has committed to at least 1000# of grapes and we may be able to get 1500# to 2000# if there is enough demand.   This vineyard regularly sells their Mourvedre to commercial wineries, but we are able get some at a reasonable price and availability for SHW.  Bruce will need someone with a truck and or trailer to haul the grapes.  Availability date is still unknown.  Price should be $1400. to $1600. per ton, but that is not firm this early in the season.  Mourvedre was not one of the grapes that were originally posted on the wall at the meeting, but they are essential for making a GSM blend.

Old Vine Zinfandel: contact J.D. Phelps at jd.phelps@gmail.com.

J.D. Phelps, grower/SHW member is coordinating a group buy of Lodi old vine zinfandel.  Please contact him if you are interested.

Sauvignon Blanc:  Judy Pinegar, Group Leader . This group is full/closed.

Cabernet Franc:  Ron Loder,group leader.  This group is full/closed.

Malbec:  Thad Rodgers, group leader.  This group is full/closed.

Verdelho:  Luke Laubaugh, group leader.  This group is full/closed.

Cabernet Sauvignon:  John Wong, group leader.   johnwong837@gmail.com.  Grapes from Lodi’s St. Amant.

Tempranillo:  Bob Peake, group leader.  bobpeake@jps.net

Petite Sirah:  Olga Lukin , group leader. lukinswatch@yahoo.com. This group is full/closed.

Sangiovese:  Dick Simer, group leader. rdsimer@gmail.com.  This group is full/closed.

Chardonnay:  Craig Brown, group leader.  916 203-9961.  Grapes from Clarksburg’s Bogle Vineyards.


IN SEARCH OF – members looking to participate in a group buy

None at this time.

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