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October 21 SHW Meeting – CA State Fair Home Competition

If you’re the competitive type, you’ve probably entered or are seriously thinking about entering wines into competitions.  The Big Daddy of the state’s home wine competitions is the California State Fair where hundreds of home wines from throughout the state compete for the coveted Golden Bear.

Come to this Wednesday’s (October 21) SHW meeting  and learn about the strategies for competing in the state’s fair.  Tom and Rebecca Ramme are the managers of the fair’s home wine competition.  They’ll share their experiences and some insights on improving your wines and chances for top awards.  They’ll also bring a few of their wines to taste – please bring your wine glass.

Reservations for the November 1 Harvest Dinner will be accepted at the meeting.  Details and reservation form can be found here.

Meeting starts at 7pm at the Turn Verein located at 3349 J Street.  Please note:  the meeting will be downstairs and parking will be crowded as the Turn Verein’s annual banquet is on the same evening.

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November 1 Harvest Dinner – Reserve by October 24

If you haven’t already, make your reservations for SHW’s Harvest Dinner and enjoy a leisurely evening on Sunday, November 1, at Carmichael’s Firebird Russian Restaurant.  Bring your family and friends and see how your wines pair with the party’s food including stuffed cabbage rolls, pelmeni and blinis.

Mail your reservations before October 24 or easier yet, bring your reservations to the October 21 (this Wednesday) SHW meeting. The evening’s details can be found at this link.

Questions? Contact Fred Millar at 916 576-9596 or Shannon Shackelford at 916 317-0558.

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Cider House Select Yeast – Free

Contact Mike Anderson at 916 624-0120.

SHW member Mike Anderson has some Cider House Select yeast left.  Free.  Please call Mike if you’re interested.

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October 2015 Grapevine Newsletter

The Grapevine – October 2015

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Here’s the October 2015 issue of The Grapevine Newsletter.

The Grapevine – October 2015

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November 18 Meeting – Are You Bringing Wines for Evaluation?

Contact Vice President Bruce Currie at or 916 947-3355.

SHW’s November 18 meeting offers something for everyone.  In addition to the annual Club responsibilities of electing the ensuing year’s leadership, we’ll be tasting wines that earned gold medals this year, AND evaluating port, fruit, sparkling, and dessert wines.

The number of wines submitted for evaluation varies from year to year.  To help Vice President Bruce decide whether to secure 1 or 2 evaluators for the meeting, he’d like to know if you will be bringing your wines in for evaluation, and if you are, how many different wines.  Bruce will appreciate you contacting him within a couple of weeks.

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Seeking Nominations for 2016 Leadership

Contact Fred Millar at 916 576-9596 or J.D. Phelps at 916 295-9121.

Winemakers are known to be a little rogue and home winemakers are no exception (that’s what makes us good winemakers!).  So, instead of being a lost in the massive 90% that don’t get involved, be a part of the 10% that does.  Become active in your Club!

SHW’s Board of Directors is seeking nominations for 2016 leadership for the positions of President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Membership Chair.  Roles and responsibilities are briefly described below; more details can be found at this link.

President – leadership role at monthly meetings and monthly board meetings, sets the Club’s agenda, appoints positions, and is the public relations for SHW.

Vice President – responsible for monthly meeting programs, acting President when President is absent.  This position is especially appealing when shared.

Treasurer – responsible for collecting Club proceeds, writing checks for reimbursement and to vendors, managing the budget, providing regular updates on income and expenditures.

Secretary – vital role in accurately recording minutes at SHW’s month board meeting, sending correspondence as needed.

Membership Chair – maintains membership lists, coordinates membership with Treasurer, welcomes new members, recruits new members.

If you, or a group of you, are interested in shaping the future of SHW via the leadership positions above, please contact Board of Directors Chair Fred Millar or President J.D. Phelps.

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WineMaker Magazine Wants Your Gadgets and Innovations

Contact Dawson Raspuzzi at

WineMaker magazine is looking for home wine innovations for the Cellar Dwellers section of the magazine.  Some of you brought your bright ideas to the August meeting and some didn’t make it through the doors that evening.  If you would like WineMaker magazine to consider your invention or adaptation to share with magazine readers, please contact Dawson Raspuzzi, assistant editor at the magazine.   Let him know that you’re a member of SHW.

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