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ISO: Zinfandel and Grenache

Contact Neal Shleffar at 916 813-7608.

SHW member Neal Shleffar wants to put together a group buy for Zinfandel and Grenache.  He’s interested in 1,000 lbs. of each.

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2015 Jubilee Wine Competition Awards

Attached below are the 2015 Jubilee wine competition results.

125 wines were entered into the competition.  Double-gold honors were earned by 7 wines (5.6%). Fifteen earned gold awards (12%). Sixty silvers and 35 bronzes were also awarded, 48% and 28%, respectively. 7 wines received honorable mentions (5.6%).

Rex Johnston and Barbara Bentley’s 2013 Sauvignon Blanc was the Best of Show Wine.  This was also the competition’s Best of White Wine.  Their 2012 Bordeaux Blend earned Best of Red Wine honors, and their 2014 Elephant Heart Plum wine deliciously took the Best of Fruit Wine.  Congrats to Rex and Barbara!

Congrats to all!

2015 Jubilee Wine Awards by Last Name

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Grapes for Sale – Primitivo and Viognier, Alta Mesa Appelation

Contact Barbara or Kevin at 916 687-7112 or by e-mail at

Derrick Vineyard, in the Alta Mesa Appellation, has Primitivo and Viognier grapes for sale.  They pick.  $.65 per lb.  Several of their buyers have won awards with Derrick Vineyard grapes.


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Winemaking \Items for Sale – Four 44 gallon Food Grade Containers with Lids – Fair Oaks

Call Joy at 916-487-5120 or email at

Four (4) Carlisle 44-gallon each food grade containers with lids. Grey. Usable for crushed fruit fermentation; other food storage. Good condition. $45.00 per container including lid.

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ISO – Zinfandel and Barbera

Contact Terry at

If you’re looking for someone to help split tonnage, SHW member Terry Piazza-Perham is looking for 500 lbs. each of zinfandel and barbera to buy.   Contact her.

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Wanted: Group Buys and Varietal Focus Groups

Contact Gin at

Harvest is almost here! If 2015 is similar to last year’s harvest, the grapes will be ready early. Whites might be plucked off the vines in late July.

The only varietal focus group we’ve heard of  this year is for Shaker Ridge Vineyard’s primitivo, and new winemakers get first crack on those.

What are you making this year? Are you wanting to coordinate a group buy so that you can access otherwise inaccessible grapes?  Still trying to find what you want?  Let us know and we’ll post your “wanted ad” on this blog.

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June 19 Bottle Shock Open Judging – Volunteers Still Needed

Contact:  John Brooks – Volunteer Coordinator,   916-705-0550

The Second Annual Bottle Shock Open Home Winemaking Competition is on this Friday, June 19 at the Lodi Grape Festival Grounds in Lodi, CA.   The event is still in need of wine pourers, panel assistants, stewards, clerks, and general helpers.

If you could help out or know someone who can, please John Brooks ASAP.

Volunteer details can be found here.

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June 2015 Grapvine Newsletter

June 2015 SHW Newsletter

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June 17 Program – Best Vineyard Practices & Starting a Winery

Join us at the June 17, 2015 general meeting when guest speaker Phil Maddux talks about best vineyard practices and for starting a commercial winery.  If you’ve wanted to grow grapes or sell your wine, come listen to Phil talk about the joys and trials of both.

Phil has almost 45 years of winemaking experience.  He started out as a home winemaker and was active in SHW before deciding to go commercial.  Phil and his wife, Jill planted vineyards and then opened their winery, Lone Buffalo Vineyards, in south Auburn in 2007.  Their wines quickly grew in popularity and soon they grew out of space.  In 2013, Lone Buffalo Vineyards relocated to bigger digs on Wise Road in Auburn.

Phil is planning to bring a couple of Lone Buffalo Vineyards wines for tasting.  Please bring your own wine glass.

  • Meeting starts at 7 pm upstairs at the Turn Verein, 3349 J Street, Sacramento. Doors open after 6:30pm.
  • Thank you for helping set-up and cleaning up before and after the meeting, and consuming responsibly.


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Vineyard Opportunity in Loomis

Contact Madeline Fish:  and  916 837-8045  (cell phone).

Madeline Fish contacted SHW:

“A friend asked if your wine group knows anyone who grows grapes or is a home winemaker. He is offering 3 acres, without charge, of land and water for someone interested in planting a vineyard. He lives on 5 acres in Loomis surrounded by acres of vineyards. He is interested in utilizing 3 prime acres that he owns for growing wine grapes. These acres are prime eastern facing rolling slopes that are perfect for a vineyard. 

He does not want to plant a vineyard himself.  He will supply the land and water and will not charge a fee for use of the land but would enjoy few generous tasting of the product.  He is motivated to create a nice view of grapes and lessen the potential of a fire hazard. Again he is offering zero land leasing cost with a long term lease. The property is located right off of 80 near Horseshoe Bar.”

Interested parties can contact Madeline Fish and she will connect you with the land owner

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