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Grapes for Sale – Syrah, Cabs, Zin, Merlot, Petit Verdot, Riesling, Char, Sauv Blanc – Lake County

Contact David Hicks at 925 997-1997.

SHW Member David Hicks writes:

“Bella Vista Farming is located in Lake County. They own or manage over 10% of the premium wine grapes in the county and their grapes go locally into Gregory Graham Wines, Steele and Chacewater Wine Company premium lines.  Much of the rest is on contract to Napa wineries.  I am getting 3 lots of wine from the same vineyards as these wineries.  The whites are cert organic.

Here is the deal:   They will only sell a minimum of one Macrobin or 2 or 3 etc, 1000#, so these will likely need to be group buys, unless someone wants a whole bin.  They pick at night so delivering your macrobin the day before and picking up in the AM will be necessary.  They will forklift your bin onto your transportation and you can head home early and crush.  Prices are picked and in your truck.

They have:  Syrah @$1800 ton, Cab @2500 ton, Cab Franc @ $2250, Zin @$1700, Merlot @ $1500 ton, Petit Verdot @ $2000 ton, Riesling @ $1500, Chardonnay @ $1700 ton, Sauv Blanc @ $2000 ton. Prices are firm.

Wines from these vineyards have been winning commercial and hobby competitions hand over fist over the last 7 years.  I’m doing this as a favor to the owner so if you are interested call me to discuss, [bypass email ] and I will put you directly in touch with him.”

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Grapes for Sale – Barbera, Placer County

Contact SHW member Larry Carducci at 530 823-2748.

600-800 lbs. barbera for sale, all or part.  Turkey Gulch Vineyard in Auburn, Placer County.  You help pick, they can crush.  These grapes have produced SHW award winning wines.

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In Search Of – Partners for a Syrah Group Buy CANCELLED for Lack of Interest.

In Search of -Partners for a Syrah Group buy

Contact Bruce Currie at 916 448-4244 or

SHW Member Bruce Currie offers to coordinate a group buy of syrah from Shenandoah Valley:  If you’re interested, please let him know.

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Last Call – Staffing the California State Fair’s Home Wine Making Booth

Contact Fred Millar at 916 576-9596 and

We’re almost to the finish line!  Over 30 SHW members have volunteered to cover 26 shifts at the home wine making booth at the California State Fair.  This weekend is the last for this year’s fair so if you have the time to volunteer, Fred’s looking forward to hear from you ASAP.  Here’s the shifts available:

Friday, July 25 – evening shift

Saturday, July 26 – afternoon and evening shift

Sunday, July 27 – late morning and afternoon shift.

Volunteers will receive free admission to the fair and a parking pass.

Thanks to the SHW members who helped with this project!

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Primitivo Varietal Focus Group for New Winemakers

Contact Henry Wilkinson at and 916 997-3056.

Cellar Master Henry, who is coordinating the Beginning Winemaking Varietal Focus Group, reminds interested members to contact him ASAP if interested in participating in this group.  Mentors are available to guide new winemakers through their first batch.

Two tons of primitivo from El Dorado’s Shaker Ridge Vineyard have been reserved for this group.  Owners and winemakers Andy and Elizabeth Standeven have scheduled a vineyard walk for Saturday, August 16.  This event is open only to those participants who have signed up; more details to follow.  Harvest is anticipated at the end of August.  More information about the vineyard can be found at

New winemakers – members whom have not made wine before – will have priority access to these grapes.

Second priority will go to new members who may have made a batch or two of wine prior to this harvest but didn’t like the results.  These novice winemakers will also have access to the group’s mentors.

If you’re interested, don’t wait!  Heard on the grapevine today that Temecula started its harvest!


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In Search Of – Winery Work

Contact Brad Sanborn at or call/text 916 425-4950.

SHW member Brad Sanborn is looking winery work, temporary/harvest or permanent. Brad prefers a commercial setting but can also work for members who may need help.  Brad’s schedule is flexible and he knows his way around the winemaking process.


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Grapes for Sale: Primitivo – Grass Valley AVA

Contact:  Paul VerWey –  530-220-3320

Up to 1,000 lbs. of award winning Primitivo grapes available from Shooting Star Farm.   Eight-year-old vineyard, 2300 foot elevation.   Sustainably grown on a sunny hillside in the Sierra Foothills near Grass Valley, CA.   $.50/lb. We help you pick. Crusher-destemmer available.

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Grapes for Sale – Syrah – Shenandoah Valley – Amador AVA

Contact: Paul Di Stefano @ (916) 335-0028 or

I am selling highest quality Syrah, AVA Shenandoah Valley (Amador).  Estate grown @1,500 ft, on vertical trellis.The grapes have a long history of producing benchmark wines and are California State Fair medalists. You will like their deep color, classic aromas and flavors.

I will harvest, ton:$1,500. 1/2 ton $800. delivered. If you pick up @vineyard: $1,400 ton; $750 1/2 ton. Harvest 1st wk Sept.2014

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Chardonnay and Pinot Noir Varietal Focus Group Buys

Contact Sonia Baron at  916 825-4952 or

It’s happened to most of us at least once.

Sonia Baron’s computer took a data dump and her files are floating somewhere in cyber space.  Hence, her files with the names of those interested in participating in the varietal focus group buys of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from Clarksburg’s Bogle Winery are lost.

If you are interested in participating in the purchase of these grapes, even if you contacted Sonia earlier regarding your commitment, please contact her regarding your quantities by this Wednesday, July 16.  This group buy is available to all SHW members:

Chardonnay:  50 cents and pound picked.  Anticipated pick in mid-August.  Group buy; no mentoring.

Pinot Noir: 60 cents a pound picked.  Anticipated pick in late-August.  Varietal focus group by; mentoring available (we’ll learn together).

Sonia will also be at Wednesday’s, July 16 club meeting and you can connect with her there.  The meeting’s featured speaker is Bob Peak, with The Beverage People in Santa Rosa.  Bob returns to SHW and will be discussing Oxygen and Oxidation.  Come check out the meeting and learn when oxygen is good for your wine, when a little is ok, and when a lot is not!  Meeting starts at 7pm.  Bring your wine glass and a bottle to share – let’s start talking about the upcoming harvest!

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Grapes for Sale – Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc – Napa Valley AVA

Please contact Sylvia Valdez at 707 933 1448 or by email ( for more information.

Selling premium Napa Valley AVA Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc from our small vineyard in the town of Sonoma. (We are technically in Napa County).  We are happy to sell 200 pound minimum of each varietal and up to 2,000 pounds of the CS and 1,000 pounds of the CF.

The CS is $1.75/lb and the CF is $1.25  (you harvest).  We are anticipating harvest mid to late September.  It’s been a perfect growing season.  These grapes are going to make first class wine!

Thank you

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