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2013 Syrah and Viognier Grapes for Sale – Amador or Delivered

Contact: Paul Di  Stefano/Sentinel Oak Vineyard, (916) 335-0028 or

Picked for you, can be delivered in large quantities within 75 miles. Price is negotiable, please call. Estate Grown Syrah and Vigonier, sustainably grown, in the Shenandoah Valley.

Wines made form these grapes rank in the high 90’s and are medal winning wines.

Will have from 1 to 2 tons of viognier (makes great white!) and about 10 tons of 1st class syrah.


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In Search Of – Amador Zinfandel

Contact Shannon Shackelford at or 916 317-0558.

Member Shannon Shackelford is looking to partner for 600-1,000 lbs of Amador zinfandel grapes for the upcoming harvest.  Give her a call if you’d like to split some tonnage.


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Wine Bottles for Sale – Cheap! – UCDavis

Contact Michelle Borba at or (530) 752-2145

Hi, I run the surplus operations for UC Davis. Our Viticulture & Enology Department has approximately 5 gaylord bins full of used wine bottles-mixed glass-750ml, that we need to get rid of. Price would be SUPER cheap since the bins would not be included (the department needs them for fruit soon) and you’d have to figure out some way to transfer them to other containers.

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Need Bottles?

Contact J.D. Phelps at

Member JD Phelps is putting together a bottle order.  If you’re interested in being a part of the order, please check out the catalog at this site: and email JD with your specs by June 30:  model number, color, and the # of cases.

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2013 California State Fair Commercial Wine Competition Winners

In today’s Sacramento Bee reporter Chris Macias directs us to an awesome searchable data base of all the winners.  Sort by varietal or winemaker, or even region.

Go to:

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June 2013 The Grapevine

Here is your June 2013 edition of The Grapevine.  See you all next Wednesday!

June 2013 The Grapevine

2013 Jubilee Awards

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Grapes For Sale – Yuba City – Italian Varietals

Contact David Smith at 916-769-5984 or for Italian Varietal grapes  in Yuba City

David would like to extend an invitation to members, if interested there are a variety of options that can be discuss ed to keep prices reasonable. No crusher destemmer is available.

Quantities are difficult to tell but at least two tons of each varietal: Primitivo, probably 3 tons; Grecco, 1-2 tons; Fiano, 2-3 tons; Teraldego, 1 ton.

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Grapes for Sale – Malbec, Merlot, Muscat Canelli – Lake County

Contact Pilar White at 707 489-2632.

Malbec, Merlot and Muscat Canelli available from this large grower.  This vineyard continues to produce award-winning wines. Sells to hobby winemakers.

SHW member David Hicks (he won the 2013 Jubilee Best of Show honors) purchases grapes from Pilar.

Call Pilar for quantities and pricing.

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Next Meeting – Bourdeaux Wine Tasting – 2012 Vintage Only

June 19th meeting is dedicated to our 2012 Bordeaux varietal evaluations.  Please do not bring any other vintage for evaluations.  This is one way we are able to control the number of wines being submitted for evaluation.  Thanks so much for your cooperation.  We are very fortunate to have Chik Brenneman, Winemaker and Wine Manager for UC Davis and Craig Haarmeyer, Winemaker for Revolution Winery.

Please bring two 750ml bottles of your wine and turn into Henry Wilkinson by 6:45pm.  Be prepared to give a brief description of how you made your wine.  ALSO remember to bring glasses for tasting

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In Search Of – Late Zinfandel, Touriga, Tinta Cao or Tinta Roriz

Please contact Jamie Kojak at (916) 833-1224.

Member Jamie Kojak is looking to partner to buy small quantities (100 lbs or less) of late harvest zinfandel and/or touriga or tinta cao or tinta roriz.  Give him a call if you can help.


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