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Cider Contest

Invitation to enter a contest:




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Various Winemaking Equipment for Sale – Woodland

Selling old equipment from a father in law who passed away…best offer wins. Contact  Gary L. Cook at 916-962-0653 or

Metal jaw floor corker,

Old wooden barrels (2) 5 gal and (3) big ones approximately (31 X 18),

Glass 5 gal bottles (15) like new,

Wine bottles (15 or more cases – boxes in bad shape) Lots of bottles around!






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Sacramento Home Winemakers turns 40!!!

In anticipation of our 40th Anniversary Party in April (the first meeting of the club was in April 1977), we are looking for all former (or current) members who were around in the first 20 years. We would like to see as many of you as possible at the Party!

We are also looking for pictures from those early days to make a slide show to 70-80’s music. If you have pictures please email, or we will scan hard copies for you and return the pictures, contact Carol Clark at 916-417-1522, PO Box 1327, Elverta, CA 95626 or

More information will be coming later.  The committee for the party consists of: Judy Pinegar, Fred Millar, Sonia Baron, Carole Clark, Holly Heggli and Gary Young. If you have ideas for the party, please share with one of these people! We will meet again February 1st, if you want to join the committee, let us know.


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January 16 Meeting – Randall Grahm – Bonny Doon Wines Tasting Notes

Just received these tasting notes from Bonny Doon Vineyard for the January 16, 2013 meeting.  Randall’s bringing all 7 wines for tasting.  Please to bring 2 wine glasses for your use.  More info in the January 2013 The Grapevine.

Cigare Blanc 10

Cigare Blanc Reserve 10

Syrah Le Pousseur 10

Nebbiolo 09

Cigare Volant 08

Cigare Volant Reserve 08

Le Vol Des Anges 11




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January 2013 – The Grapevine

Happy New Year!

We’re off to an unforgetable start at SHW’s January 16 meeting that features Randall Grahm, winemaker and President for Life of Bonny Doon Vineyard.  A maverick in the world of viticulture and winemaking, Randall is the original Rhone Ranger.  Remember to bring 2 wine glasses for tasting.  Click on the link below for more details in this month’s newsletter.

Please note that at this meeting, there’s no charge for SHW members and there is a $5 meeting charge for non-members.  If you haven’t yet renewed your membership for 2013 or would like to join, a membership form is attached to the newsletter for your use.  Thanks for completing the form to help us ensure your contact info is updated and to bring you the most relevant programs.

January 2013 The Grapevine

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