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2012 Grapes for Sale: Petite Sirah (Wilton)

Contact is Jim @ (916) 687-7945.

Price is 0.50/lb.  Grapes are “u-pick”. No use of crusher/stemmer.

The grapes are located in Wilton, CA. They are Petit Sirah.

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Participiants for Group Purchase – Merlot (Clarksburg)

Please contact Jed McLaughlin if interested. 916-254-4381 or

Looking for participants for group purchase of Merlot grapes from Bogle Winery in Clarksburg. Approx. $.60/lb pre-picked in macrobins. Warren Bogle indicated he will provide Bogle’s best quality merlot grapes for club members.

James McLaughlin []

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2012 Grapes for Sale: Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot (Granite Bay)

Contact Xiaowen Jiang: 530 219-1649 and

Three tons each of cabernet sauvignon and merlot for sale. Vines are 9 years old, properly pruned, thinned and well-managed. Self-pick. No minimum tonnage required. Destemmer/crusher available on-site.  For more info, contact Xiaowen.


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2012 Grapes for Sale: Sauvignon Blanc (Herald)

Contact Gerald Cresci at 209 748-2122.

If you’ve thought about making sauvignon blanc or leading a sauvignon blanc varietal focus group, Cresci Vineyards has sauvignon blanc still available.

Cresci Vineyards

11746 Giusti Rd

Herald, CA 95638

209 748-2122

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The Vine of Life

La Vide de la Vida

You never know what life brings.  With the wine making experience of only one prior vintage in 2007, member Pilar Millar, now 84 years old, made a 2010 merlot.  She liked the taste of it and entered the merlot into the 2011 SHW June Jubilee and the wine won a silver award. What a sweet surprise for a octogenarian newbie winemaker!  One of the comments on the judging sheets said:  young, next year this wine will be a gold!

Fast forward a year later.  Pilar re-entered the 2010 merlot into the 2012 SHW June Jubilee and the wine did indeed win a gold award!  And, a week later, the merlot took the Best of Show honors at the San Mateo County Fair’s home wine competition. Later in the month, the same wine won a First Place (gold award) at the Marin County Fair’s amateur wine contest. What a month June has been for Pilar!

More excitement as the press came calling.  In late July, Univision 19 showcased a story on Pilar and her wine making.  The video, created by an Emmy award-winning team, captures Pilar’s exuberance and philosophy on life which has many parallels to wine making. 

Station affiliates nationwide have also featured the video, and you can view it here by clicking on this link:  Abuela fabrica vinos en su cochera en CA

Many congrats to Pilar for earning top honors and sharing that you’re never too young for this much fun!

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Grapes for Sale (Clarksburg AVA)

Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet, Zinfandel, Barbera, and Merlot.

Call Paul or Nancy to reserve your 2012 grapes at P & N Enterprises, Vineyard 916-684-2086 or better choice – cell (916) 425-4763.

$.50/lb. You Pick. Free use of picking boxes, crusher/destemmer & press with our help.

Our vineyard is located in southern Sacramento County near I5 and Lambert Rd..  We enjoy a Delta environment of warm days and cool, breezy nights as part of the Clarksburg appellation. We pull leaves, air blast liquid sulfur, hedge the vines, and use bird netting and bird scare devices to ensure quality and control diseases.

Grape brix will be available on after Aug 10.


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Pinot Noir Grapes for Sale (Placerville, Ca)

Call Sherril at 530 644 3058, or e-mail

Pleasant Valley Vineyards

Sierra Foot Hills, El Dorado Apellation, Placerville, Ca , 2,800 ft elevation

1/2 to 1 ton of Pinot Noir Grapes

$.75 per pound

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2012 Grapes for Sale – Syrah, Temp, Zin, Merlot, Sauv Blanc (Capay Valley)

Please contact Jean Chevalier, Vineyard Manager: 530 908-0053 and

Taber Ranch in Capay Valley has syrah, tempranillo, zinfandel, merlot and sauvignon blanc grapes for sale.  The Ranch has been in production for 4 years. Capay Valley Vineyards and Turkovich Family Wines in Winters have made wines from Taber Ranch’s grapes.

65 cents a lb; destemmer/crusher available; can pick and crush if desired. Facilities also available for crush parties.  Please contact Jean Chevalier for additional information.


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2012 Zinfandel Varietal Focus Group for Beginning and Novice Winemakers

Please contact Henry Wilkinson at and 916 997-3056.

Cellar Master Henry Wilkinson and Membership Co-Chair Gin Yang are co-mentoring a varietal focus group designed for beginning and barely beginning winemakers.  The varietal is zinfandel, sourced from Amador Cellars. 

Group participants will learn to make zinfandel with approximately 120 lbs. of grapes, yielding a minimum of 5 gallons of finished wine.  The grape price as yet to be set but is estimated to be around $1,500/ton.  Anticipated harvest is September/October.

A field trip to the vineyard to check out the grape’s progress with the grower is planned for a Saturday in August.  We’ll also review the wine making process, and the supplies and equipment needed to get started. 

Space is limited. You must be a current SHW member to participate. Please contact Henry for additional information.


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Sonoma County Russian River Valley Grapes for Sale

Call Bob Bennett 707-433-4574 or Email

Most of our grapes have sold, remaining are the following:

3/4 ton Cab Sauv $1.20/lb

3/4 ton Merlot       $  .90

500 lbs Sangio    $1.20

300 lbs Pinot N    $1.45

We are located in the vicinity of Healdsburg. Our minimum order is 300 lbs, customer picks with our help and our equipment. Stemmer/crusher available at additional $.10/lb. Come weekday or weekend, but make it reasonably early in the day.

Our customers return every year from all over including Foothills, Modesto, Watsonville, Eureka, San Jose, even Phoenix, Ariz. The fruit is looking great this year. Come visit our North Coast wine country and see for yourself.

Visit our website



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